How to Pick a Shopify Store Theme that Suits Your Business?

how to pick a shopify store theme that suits your business post

When it comes to choosing a theme, you can get a pre-made theme from anywhere. And Shopify’s Theme Store is one of the best ones alongside WordPress. Shopify has strict restrictions and high standards. It assures you only get good looking themes with usable features.

These themes don’t slow down your site with bloatware or useless features. But how do you pick a theme that suits your business? Let us help you with that!

Theme and Logo

Don’t think whether you like the theme, instead think if it fits your brand and appeals to your audience. For instance, if you offer handcrafted papers, then you don’t need a flashy high-tech theme. You will need something simple yet elegant. To choose the right theme, you need to consider the layout of the following pages:

  • Home Page
  • Category Page
  • Item Page

These are the most important pages of your store. You need to see how they look at the full-screen size and phone size. To do that, grab the browser by the edge and make it thin to see how it looks at different sizes.

Lastly, imagine how your header or logo would look on top of the theme. Will it fit perfectly? Or will it be too colorful, has the wrong shape or doesn’t fit the layout?

The Content

Once again, what you offer has a lot to say about how your website should look. Therefore, consider whether the pictures and text you add on your site looks good or not. If your theme is heavy on photos with text overlays, it will distract your customers.

So, choose something simple. Remember, functionality comes before elegance. Choose something that accommodates your content instead of only looking pretty.

Product Category

Before you finalize a theme, consider if it works with your product categories or not. If you have only one product category, but the theme has a huge menu that expands up to 50 items, then it will make you look bad. If you have 50 categories with multiple sub-categories for everything, you need something that will accommodate every list in an orderly fashion.

Customize the Theme

Finding the right theme that suits your site and needs isn’t enough, you also have to tweak it and add a few personal touches after installation. Start with the following changes:

  • Replace the old logo with yours, and resize it
  • Change the Background color with a different pattern
  • Change text fonts
  • Change the color of text, navigation menu and box
  • Add or hide content from different parts of the website
  • Add the Newsletter Subscription Button

You can also make the following changes to accommodate your product list:

  • Name and Amount of Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Social Media Account Links and Options
  • Large Feature Snaps
  • Information Page Text, Home Page Text, Blog Entries
  • Links Shown in Header and Footer
  • Your Products

If you don’t know how to make these changes or let alone pick a theme, then you need professional help. Refer to eComTurbo; they will help you set your e-commerce store.

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