WordPress Developer Hourly Rate: Making Out The Intricacies of This Profession and its Salaries By Country

WordPress Developer Hourly Rate: Making Out The Intricacies of This Profession and its Salaries By Country

The good news about being a WordPress developer is the fact that you can rest easy knowing that your skill is in high demand. There are millions of websites that use WordPress, so you can be sure that you will always have a job. So, if this job is so popular, what is the WordPress hourly rate? How much can one expect to make from being a WordPress developer? The truth is, there is no standard WordPress developer hourly rate because each country pays differently. 

However, in this guide, we are going to look at some of the hourly rates of different countries because we believe that this information will help you answer the question of how much a WordPress developer costs annually. 

Why Do You Need To Hire a WordPress Developer 

WordPress is arguably the best content management system in the world. WordPress is a popular option for people looking to create websites. However, creating a website is a difficult task, and not everyone has the skills, time, or patience to do so. People usually hire a WordPress developer to improve the WordPress software, create new products such as themes and customize a WordPress website. 

Before we talk about WordPress plugin developer salary, let us still see what WordPress developer does. WordPress developers also carry out specialized jobs like creating sitemaps and wireframes. They also convert an existing website to the WordPress platform. WordPress developers should anticipate variable pay for their work depending on what is required of them and the client’s needs. Because of this, it’s crucial to monitor WordPress front end developer salary so that you can contrast your offers with the going wage for your sector.

WordPress Developer Hourly Rate By Region 

So, you are an employer, and you are wondering how much does WordPress developer cost? The answer is dependent on the country you are in. 

  • Northern America 

The United States or Canada are not the ideal places to hunt for developers if your project has a limited budget. For instance, in the USA, novice developers typically earn $4600 per month, intermediate developers $5900 per month, and senior programmers $7500 per month. So, the WordPress web developer hourly rate in the United States and Canada isn’t really good for people on a tight budget. 

  • Western Europe 

While wages for WordPress developers are lower in the UK or Germany than in the US and Canada, employing a team in western Europe is still relatively expensive. For example, a junior WordPress developer will ask you to pay about $3900 per month, a middle developer $4400, and a senior developer $5130. Can you afford it? 

  • Central Europe 

Poland is one of the best countries for outsourcing great WordPress developers at an affordable rate. An entry-level developer will ask you to pay about $1500 per month, while senior developers will ask for about $3000 per month. 

  • Eastern Europe 

In comparison to other Eastern European nations, Ukraine has one of the finest cost-quality ratios for recruiting developers. You will pay $980 for junior developers, $1900 for intermediate developers, and roughly $2600 for senior experts. And if we look at South Bulgaria, the cost of employing a full-time WordPress developer there will range from junior to advanced skill level from $1160 to $1740.

  • South Asia

South Asia has become one of the best places to get WordPress developers. South Asia, especially India, is beginning to pick up pace in the technological world, and they are determined to even overtake Europe and North America. A junior developer can be hired for $280. A middle developer can be hired for $350 and a senior developer for $700.

How To Increase Your Salary as a WordPress Developer 

Now you know what the salary rates are, it’s time for you as a WordPress developer to know how you can increase your salary. 

  • Charge Higher Rates

It is easy to raise your prices as a freelance developer if you want to make more money. The difficulty with raising your charge is that it is usually easier to say. So, what are the barriers to raising your salary? The first is a lack of knowledge about whether to raise their rates, and the second is concern over customer loss. So the best way is for you to understand when to boost your rates. How do you decide when to boost your rates?  You may need to charge more if you consistently feel overworked or feel that your hourly rate is dropping. 

One of the best ways to increase your rates is to increase them gradually. A lot of developers make the mistake of drastically increasing their rates and shocking their clients in the process. Increase your rates gradually and tell existing clients that you are about to adjust your rates. Then, give them some time to start making their adjustments too. Keep raising your rates until you find the best spot. Click here to read how to charge higher rates. 

  • Specialize in a WordPress Area 

One way to earn more money is to have a specialty. Serving a smaller, more niche market is one approach to increasing revenue. Although it may seem like a wrong approach to turn away 90% of your potential clients, when you position yourself as an authority in a particular industry, you can charge more since you offer a unique service.

Core software, plugins, or themes are the three specialization options available to WordPress developers. You could focus on each of these things, but you’d probably profit more if you specialized in one. 

  • Improve Your Skills 

This may seem so obvious, but you have to improve your skills. Apart from focusing on a niche, you can improve your skills. Brush up your skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP programming languages used by WordPress. Furthermore, You can enroll in online courses to advance your education and gain credentials. Click here to read more about how to improve your skills. 

Final Thoughts 

WordPress developer hourly rate is not set in stone because it all depends on the country the developer comes from and their skill level. You can choose the country that is best for you and pay according to what you can afford. On the flip side, if you are a WordPress developer should look at improving your skills so that you can earn more money.

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