Plugin Description

This is the demo page with top fixed notification bar showing after some duration of time. This top bar contains left components with social icons and right components with static content and url links.

Below are some other features :

  • 10 Awesome Pre templates
  • Notification bars Custom Designs
  • Multiple Notification bars
  • Bar templates and configuration options
  • Single Layout or 2 Column Layout with Left/ Right Components
  • Add Social Media
  • Page based Notification Bars
  • Date wise notification bars
  • Notification Bar Visibility
  • Notification Bar Effects
  • Notification Bar Position
  • Add Social Icons
  • Other call to action buttons
  • Third Party Subscribe Form Integration
  • Tweets Slider/Ticker/Scroller
  • Notification bars Custom Designs
  • Notification Duration & Position
  • Notification position as top fixed bar, bottom, left and right bar.
  • Notification Visibility as Always Show, Show after some time, Hide after sometime.
  • Notification bar Close button as Disable, show/ hide as toggle and close button enable section.
  • Notification Bar Close Button Configuration & Many More Extra Features
  • Mobile Friendly/Responsive Translation Ready