Demo 1

Description :

Custom Design layout with static content and social icons on right and left side. With Static content , you can implement button such as custom url link button, custom button for popup contact form or just using contact form 7 shortcode, on click button, form will be displayed on popup box with validation.
This demo shows left side with social icons and on right side with static content and custom contact form button . A simple popup contact form will be displayed on click “contact” button which can be configured from backend settings.
Similarly, the contact form popup background color will be set as background color you have set as top notification bar.

Design Notification bar by yourself configuring your own background color, font size, font family, close button color, google fonts , social media icons background color and many more to make your site notification bar more attractive and to promote your blog post/ content. This plugin enables you to do these tasks easily and helps you earn more visitors or customers to your website.

The major features of the plugin for Custom layout:

  • Custom Designs and configuration options
  • Left / Right Components Selection
  • Backend Setup Features for Custom designs
  • Background color
  • Font size
  • Font family
  • Google fonts
  • Text Font color
  • Button Background color
  • Button Font Color
  • Social Icons
  • Background Color
  • Background Hover Color
  • Icons Text Color
  • Icons Hover text Color
  • Social Title Color
  • Font Size
  • Link Button Color