Widget Demo 3

In this demo for open panel, we have added 3 Text Widgets on open panel column section.

  1. First Text Widgets : This contain google map iframe script.
  2. Second Text Widgets : This contain contact form 7 shortcode implementation on text widget
  3. Third Text Widgets: This contain div structure for our address fields.

In order to set same design layout for “Our Address” , simply add below html and replace your content to default WordPress Text Widget.

<div class=”ednpro-contactinfo”>
<p>48 Park Avenue, Cast 21st Street ,APt 304, </p>
<p>London, NY 1015</p>
<p>Email : Support@gmail.com</p><p>Phone: +1 453 653 6573</p>
<p>Fax: -3 5436 76523 63</p>

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