8Degree Easy Tags Pro
Premium Tagging Plugin For Wordpress
  • - Supports both builtin and custom registered taxonomy.
  • - 36 uniquely designed templates are available.
  • - Display images instead of words as tags in tag cloud.
  • - Responsive Designs.
  • - Use shortcodes for posts, pages along template files.
  • - Use widget for widget areas.
Redefine Tag Cloud
Take control over tagcloud
Multiple options are available to make choices before generating a tag cloud. A lots of possible variations can be done over a same tag cloud.
Just Check Options
No code required
Eight Degree Easy Tags Pro plugin is very flexible to set up at the backend and a little experience with WordPress is enough to use this plugin , no coding skill required at all.
Shortcodes, Widgets
Easiest way to use Plugin
Display tags’ cloud at widget areas like into sidebars(left or right) or footers through widgets. While generate shortcodes for tag cloud to display them at pages and posts of the site.

36 Unique Templates

Select a template from a bundle of 36 different templates and make it more dynamic by selecting other options at the Backend.

Significant features...

Typographic Options
Vary tag terms font size, font color, font weight, letter case, font style, font family, font unit, text alignment, etc.
Supports both inbuilt and custom taxonomy type. Include/exclude terms just by checking.
Sort/Order Tags
Sort the tags term in according to count or name in an ascending, descending or random order.
Multiple Tag Cloud
Numbers of tag cloud can be generated and displayed into a single post or page at once.