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Thank you for using our theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file,you can use our support form or contact us via mail. Thanks so much!

Installing the Theme in WordPress

Installing Our Pro Theme in WordPress

(Note) Our Pro theme  has the licence for only 1 domain.

Installing the Theme (Cpanel / ftp)

Updating Theme

This theme provides a 'Home Page' template for your home page. Please follow these steps to configure your home page with 'home page' template.

Posts are entries that display in reverse order on your home page. Posts usually have comments fields beneath them and are included in your site's RSS feed.

How To Create A Post?

Pages are very similar to Posts in that they both have Titles and Content and can use your WordPress Theme templates files to maintain a consistent look throughout your site. Pages, though, have several key distinctions that make them quite different from Posts.

How To Create A Page?

Category is one of the pre-defined taxonomies in WordPress. It is used to sort and group content into different sections. A website publishing content on a variety of topics can divide their website into sections using categories.

How To Create A Category?

Media is a tab in your WordPress admin sidebar which is used to manage user uploads (images, audio, video, and other files). Under the Media menu, there are two screens. The first screen Library lists all the files in the media library. These files can be edited and deleted from the library.

Navigation Menus, or simply Menus, are a WordPress theme feature which allows users to create navigation menus by using built-in Menu Editor located in WordPress admin area under Appearance » Menus. Navigation menus allow theme designers to let users create custom menus of their own.

The default menu will just list current WordPress Pages. WordPress supports multiple menus so a theme can have support for more than one navigational menu (e.g. header and footer menus). Users can add posts, pages, and custom links to a menu using drag and drop functionality. Users can also add CSS classes to their menu items and change their appearance by adding custom styles.

How To Create Menu or SubMenu?

What are comments?

Comments provide your website’s visitors a platform to communicate with you and other readers. It allows them to add their input on the topic, ask questions, and provide feedback. They allows for community interaction around your content.

WordPress comes with a comment management system of its own. WordPress posts, pages, and other post types can accept comments. All WordPress themes come equipped with comment layout templates. However, it is up to you to engage users on your website and encourage them to leave comments.

Disable Comment

What is a Child Theme

A child theme in WordPress is a sub theme that inherits all the functionality, features, and style of its parent theme. Child themes are a safe way to modify a WordPress theme without actually making any changes to the parent theme’s files. When the parent theme gets updated, changes made in the child theme are preserved and applied on the updated version as well. This is why child themes are the safest and best way to make changes to an existing theme. Rather than modifying theme files directly you can simply override them with the templates in the child theme.

Child themes can be created in a matter of minutes and can save you hours and hours of work in the future. If you plan on customizing any of our themes, it is highly recommended to use a child theme.

How to create a Child Theme

In this tutorial we have use One Click Child

Add this code in the function.php file of the child theme to copy all the setting from the parent

if ( get_stylesheet() !== get_template() ) {

   add_filter( 'pre_update_option_theme_mods_' . get_stylesheet(), function ( $value, $old_value ) {

        update_option( 'theme_mods_' . get_template(), $value );

        return $old_value; // prevent update to child theme mods

   }, 10, 2 );

   add_filter( 'pre_option_theme_mods_' . get_stylesheet(), function ( $default ) {

       return get_option( 'theme_mods_' . get_template(), $default );

   } );


Other References on Creating a Child Theme

The Users Screen allows you to add, change, or delete your site’s users. In addition, you can search for users, and you can make bulk changes and deletions to a selected group of users.

How to Create, Edit and Delete Users

You can import demo in the Appearance>>Customize

Importing time may vary on your internet spped

Note: Demo content is only available in the pro theme we do not provide demo content in the free theme.


Most of our theme uses Contant From 7 plugin to create a contact form because it is easy to use and free.

Custom css is helpful if you want to change some simple css code in the theme.

In this tutorial I will show you how to change a background color of the header using custom css in our theme

How to Delete a Theme

How to only reset all the content without deleting the theme

This will delete all your post, page, media, users all the content 

Msst of our theme is woocommerce compatible, but our most popular woocommerce the is EightStore Theme.

WooCommerce is a powerful eCommerce plugin, for full support and documentation, visit WooCommerce documentation.

How to install Wocommerce

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