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      Sent you these in a mail;

      I found the theme easy and lite as it’s called, which i’ve move to. But i can’t find the option to change the black header colour manually (not from light to dark).

      Can’t seem choose a certain nummber of post for the slider, it just queue-ed all up from the category i choose.

      What the dimension of the slider? please

      and i need to ask, is that “Fan Follower” social widget part of the pro or i’m missing it somewhere.

      thanks again for the amazing theme.

      urgent reply

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      8Degree Themes

      Hello There,

      Thank you so much for considering our products.
      I would like to inform you that,
      We do not have a feature to change the black header color manually.

      The dimensions of the slider images is 1170*600.

      For the slider category, you have to make a separate category with only posts to appear on slider to limit the posts.

      You can use the plugins accesspress social counter to increase the fan follower here :

      It is also available on a free theme.

      If you get any problems later please feel free to ask us .
      Hope this information was useful.

      Thank you!!

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        Thanks for the response…

        Don’t you think if that new category is filled up too the length would be out of hand (what do you suggest i do then?) always create a category??? just asking, i need your opinion.

        thanks for the plugin recommended.

        lastly, The Homepage settings, i use block section 3 and 4. my question is can i make block 4 comes before block 3 and the block 3 is not sufficient as it allow just 4 categories. what if i need to make it 6.

        Thanks alot for the response earlier… You did a good job with Maggie.

        What widget/plugin is used for the categories above social counter? lol

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      8Degree Themes

      Hi there,

      For the slider category,
      make a separate category for active slider posts and other for inactive.
      Like : Active Slider (will contain about 5-10 posts to show in category at any time)
      Inactive category (will contain rest of posts.)

      Once you decide to remove older posts then move it from active category to inactive.

      PS: we will consider adding this feature in premium version.

      For the Block sorting issue , You can not re-order the block one after another in the lite theme.

      Either Buy the pro version of the theme or request for the customization.
      In the block section 3, we do not have a feature to make more than 6 categories there.
      if you really need the 6 categories over there then you have to request for the customization here :

      For more please follow our documentation here :

      Hope this information was useful.
      Thank you!!

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      alright thanks alot…

      i am having a little prob with the slider tho… after cropping my images to the said dimensions, its still not fitting. the address is

      it sometimes go over bound or too small.

      i crop the images with 1170 x 600

      secondly, images between post have a border which makes their caption squeeze up and unreadable when its long. what do i do

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      Slider issue’s been sorted out, sorry.
      and thanks

      but the border around uploaded images keep the caption tightly packed together

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      8Degree Themes

      Hi There,

      Can you send me your site url?
      We will check and get back to you.


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