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    I’m using eightmedi lite with the intention of going to the pro version but we’re currently unable to use the slider & about section in the medi lite version.

    Slider: I have 2 pages called Picture 1 & Picture 2, which is categorized as Pictures. These 2 pages just have a image and a dummy text line. I then chose the category Pictures in the ‘Slider Setups’ under ‘select a category to show in slider’ but these 2 pages don’t get shown @ all.

    Sponsor: I have a page with some sample text categorized as sponsor. Under Our Sponsor’s section, I have chosen the category as sponsor but the page categorized as sponsor doesn’t show up.

    Additional question:

    1. How do I add sub-menu’s under primary menus (ie., I have Home, Practice, Contact as primary. I want to add Doctor, Team, Services under Practice). How do I do it?

    Pls help me out as we’re a startup who has to have a website to even sustain the business.


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    8Degree Themes
    8Degree Themes

    Hi there,

    Could you please send this query to our support mail at support@8degreethemes.com so that our support team will fix your issue.


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