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    Perry Frankel

    We purchased EightMedi Pro theme. We would like to change the icons on the featured section. How can I make my own icon to put there with the correct background color? We also would like to make these non-clickable links. We do not want them to go anywhere.

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    8Degree Themes

    You can upload the icons from featured images of Dashboard > Services
    from each services.
    TO change background color, the primary and secondary color will adjust it.
    To disable link:
    add this css on appearance > Customizer:

    .featured-block .featured-text > a {
        pointer-events: none;
        cursor: auto;
        display: inline-block;
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    PurchasedDeveloper Degree Club(168days Remaining)

    Hi there. I am not sure if it is okay to add on to this, or if I should start another post, but to add on to the original question, is there a way to redirect the links so they go to ONE services page?


    http://khinhomecare.com/ On this page, under Our Services, currently if you click on one of the services, it goes to the individual ones, but I would like it to instead go to this page: http://khinhomecare.com/services/ because there are more services than can fit, for one, and for two I would like all of them to show, instead of just one. Plus, I cannot get rid of “Holds our Testimonials and Service specific date” nor figure out how to edit the actual Service page.

    Suggestions/thoughts? Thank you

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    PurchasedDeveloper Degree Club(168days Remaining)

    Ah! I dug a little deeper, and I did find a similar post to what I was looking for, as far as how to redirect based on your suggestion on how to voice:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for writing in.
    If you want to make service boxes non-clickable then please find:
    eightmedi-pro\wp-content\themes\eightmedi-pro\template-home.php on line number 45.
    Then please copy the following code :

    And replace:“>

    Thank you!!

    I simply changed the link to the link I wished all the listed services to go to. 🙂 In case anyone else has the same problem!

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    8Degree Themes

    Thanks for sharing it.

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