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      I finally had it all working properly and here we go with WP upgrade to version 4.9 …
      The custom static home page (the one with the demo imported and the slider) is now showing as there had been no customizing done at all.

      Of course, I repeated the setup process but the system does not apply the changes anymore. Then I even de-activated the 8store theme (switched to the TwentyFifteen default theme) deleted and reinstalled it… but the custom static page setup routine (as for your tutorial videos 1&2 on Youtube) does not apply any change to the home page.

      The home page now shows the ‘Slides”, in order (1st, 2nd, 3rd), but one after the other as you scroll down the page (all visible on the page, with their captions on them, but NOT “alternating in the slider widget”).

      The ‘new arrival’ widget displays under the three slider images and the rest of the page looks like a store page… but ugly, with a small product thumbnail on the left, no product description and the little ‘bag’ icon on the far right of the page (no sidebar of course).

      Here the url to see the site as it is now:

      You are welcome to take a look… if you get there and see a different theme… please let me know anyway.. I like the 8store theme and would gladly reverse back to it… if I can get it to work. 🙂

      Thank you

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      In yesterday’s post I forgot to mention that before doing the WP upgrade to version 4.9, I backed up everything, then I did the WP version upgrade.

      Afterwards, when I saw the home page messed up I thought “The upgrade must have reset the theme to the default values… bummer… now I need to repeat the whole set-up process”.

      As soon as I realized that the customizer was not able to ‘activate’ the widgets on the static home page anymore I also thought of doing a ‘recover’ from the back-up I had done earlier.

      Unfortunately the ‘Roll-back’ to the previous version only worked for the ‘theme’ folder… NOT the WP version. It did not bring back the 4.8.etc. WP version (assuming that the upgrade to 4.9 is the cause)… so the problem persists.

      Here is where the really bad news come. With the ‘customizer’ not having any effect on the static home page… I would have to go the manual way (open and modify the theme files) I know html and css, but that’s about it. So, starting to play with the code could easily put me in an even deeper troubles.

      The customizer apparently able to apply the widgets on other ‘pages’… but nothing happens when activating widgets on the static homepage (I click publish, the right pane goes blurry for a couple of seconds… and the page comes back just as it was before, with no changes applied.

      Please help me understand:

      1. Is it possible the WP upgrade caused the 8Store theme to malfuntion?
      (I had all the widgets working before… or it is just a coincidence?!)

      2. Have you had any other 8store user reporting problems in correlation with the static home page and the 4.9 WP upgrade?

      3. What do I need to do to set the homepage like your 8Store Lite Demo (with slider and widgets implementation working for the static home page)?

      I don’t mind having to start over (maybe there is a different proceedure(?))… if there is one which would give me a properly working static homepage. As I said earlier, I can code html, css additionally I can read and understand what js and php are doing, which means I can do ‘snippets’ insertion or replacements… but I can not write code from scratch.

      Any help is deeply appreciated.

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      8Degree Themes

      Hello Marcov,

      There is nothing to worry about with the updates, as we have been testing them.

      The problem is because some of the widgets you have been using in the widget area have invalid values.
      In your case:
      On Category Widget 1, you have the widget but either category value is not selected or the previously selected category is not available now.

      So from:
      Appearance > Widget
      go to that widget and either remove it or select a new valid category.
      Check this image:

      Then site will be fine.

      Check other widget areas too, if they have valid values.
      Let me know if you still face the same issue.


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