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    Since the 3.0 release of Woocommerce, the default behaviour of a user hovering over the main product image is to zoom in on the image.

    However my installation isn’t doing that – nothing happens

    I can’t find anything in customiser or woocommerce settings to turn this on or off and wondered whether it had been turned off as part of the theme (I believe from another theme developer that this is possible)

    Is zoom on hover turned off in this theme and if so, how do I turn it back on – and if not, can you help figure out why it isn’t working

    My website is TheHappyHousesitter.com


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    8Degree Themes

    Hi There,

    Sorry for missing this,

    I just got to check your site and found the hover zoom working fine in yours.
    I check this link : https://thehappyhousesitter.com/product/im-only-happy-when-im-house-sitting-samsung-phone-case/

    Let me know if it is not working in yours, try clearing cache.


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