Eight Degree Circular Menu

Premium WordPress Plugin that allows you to add an circular menu to style your site and add quick navigation.

Price: $22 $18 only!

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8Degree Circular menu is a premium circular structure menu for easy and quick navigation within your site.

8Degree Circular menu makes use of the default WordPress menu function to create menus. You can add up to 12 menu items and can include additional elements to the default menu items such as Menu Icons and Tooltip.

Plugin information

Created: 6th November, 2017
Updated: 15th March, 2018
Version: 1.0.5
Layout: Responsive
Documentation: View
Update Logs: Check
$22 $18
  • Unlimited Circular Menus
  • Integrated with WordPress menu
  • 9 ready to go templates
  • 5 draggable templates
  • 4 fixed templates
  • Fullscreen flat grid design for mobile devices
  • Custom Icons Support
    • Font icons (Genericon, Font awesome, Dash Icons, Themify Icons, Linear Icons)
    • Image Icons
  • Multiple menus per page
  • Easy Build Settings
  • 9 menu position for fixed design
  • Animations
    • 4 Menu entrance animation
    • 5 Toggle button animation
    • 5 Notification Label animation
  • Easy Customization options
    • Toggle button (Open/ Close/ hover) color, background color, border color options
    • Menu Items (Default/ Active/ hover) color, background color, border color options
    • Menu item background image option
  • Notification label support
    • 5 Notification Label Templates
    • Notification Label color and background color option
  • Tooltip support (Show/ Hide/ Add Custom Tooltip)
    • Tooltip color and background color option
  • Typography (font-family/ weight/ transform) Options
  • Permission Settings (Logged in user/ Logged out user/ Everyone)
  • Display option (Hide Menu on specific page/ Default pages/ Archive pages)
  • Custom CSS option
  • Translation Ready