21+ Popular Brands Using WordPress

WordPress is a popular content management system that exists. It is simple, easy to use, flexible and powerful. It allows full ownership of the site. As WordPress is free, there is a wrong assumption that it is not suitable for big brands. In contrast to your assumptions, we have listed the popular brands that are using WordPress as their websites.

The main motive behind this blog post is to let the user know the power of WordPress and its ability to create traffic on your sites. Furthermore, to demonstrate WordPress usability and showcase how niche, as well as large business organizations, use WordPress.

Popular Brands Using WordPress

Now, Let’s have a look at popular Brand websites that run on WordPress in no particular order.

1. BBC America


BBC America provides a variety of programs such as lifestyle, comedy, drama, movies, and so on. They have dark skin on the homepage with large featured images. They have the same editing tools and easy-to-use interface in the hands of all their editors. The site is well-built and intuitive to handle and there is also a shopping tab among the menu options.

2. Facebook Newsroom


Facebook Newsroom is to provide people with more control over the stories they see and wider the range of exploration. It also provides recent news and announcements. The site runs on WordPress which is minimal and has simple plain text news with no thumbnails.

3. Vogue India 


Vogue India is a women’s magazine for beauty, fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle. It is simple and minimal with new product feature images.

4. Nasa Blogs 


Nasa Blogs provides trending news, images, and videos. The blogs are listed on the site.

5. The Walt Disney Company 


The Walt Disney Company is built on WordPress and on the mission of being the World’s leading producers and entertainment as well as information providers.

6. Microsoft News 


Microsoft news provides breaking news and reports from the best source. The website is built on WordPress and the various sections are available for features, story tabs, the latest news, AI blog, and many more.

7. Sony Music 


Sony Music is a global music conglomerate and its website is built using WordPress. The artist and new music releases are a feature on the header.

8. TechCrunch 


TechCrunch publishes focusing on the tech industry. It has a simple website menu. The content is presented in a grid format with a timeline system. A separate video section is on the site that features the new tech and content surrounding it.

9. TED Blog 


TED is a WordPress-based site for communicating ideas. It provides interesting news about TED, videos, and content surrounding TED. The website has a minimal options menu with a full-screen article post and two-column grid for newly published articles. In addition, it also has an extensive footer.

10. Flickr blog 


Flickr blog provides content relating to photography, meet-ups, and photo walks. It is one of the best online photo management and sharing platform.

11. Angry Birds 


Angry Birds website is built on WordPress. It is the most popular game among us and the site seems colorful with the play now button for the games.

12. Observer


Observer provides stories, and the latest trends in lifestyle, arts, news, and others. The trending news is provided in sliders and others are provided separating the category.

13. The Obama Foundation 


The Obama Foundation is based on a Chicago-based nonprofit organization. The site is built on WordPress. This foundation is built to inspire, empower and connect with people to change their world.

14. Metro UK 


Metro is Britain’s most-read newspaper. The news relating to sports, entertainment, and the like is published in this newspaper. The site is based on WordPress.

15. Harvard Gazette 


Harvard Gazette is the official news website for Harvard University. The site is simple and minimal and based on WordPress.

16. Variety


Variety has numerous topics relating to the entertainment field such as film reviews, film festivals, and award-related stories. The site has several widgets that showcase the top stories and categories.

17. Usain Bolt 



Usain Bolt is a former Jamaican sprinter with his own WordPress website to provide information on his latest news and achievement. The website has a full-screen slider along with a news stream and his recent sporting accomplishment.

18. Mercedes-Benz International 


Mercedes-Benz is a German global automobile marque. The new product is featured on the site along with displaying the other product.

19. The Mozilla Blog 


The Mozilla blog is a WordPress-based blog that is the official site of Mozilla-related information.

20. PlayStation Blog


PlayStation Blog publishes the latest and trending stories about their games and tips for games. The website is built on WordPress and all the trending games are shown at the top. It also has a masonry-style blog at the bottom of the site’s homepage.



Wired magazine is related to technology and its website is also based on WordPress. They have a large menu with a ton of options to choose from. The partial grid system and sidebars display the content of new information.

22. TIME


Time magazine is a widely read and recognized magazine. The site is based on a side menu bar and focused on delivering news content and insightful depth in the magazine.

Summing Up

WordPress can be used for the wide spectrum from large business to small niches. You can achieve the site you want from this content management system. So, if you are willing to create a website then, WordPress is the best platform.

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