Top 10 Premium WordPress Project Management Plugins Compared

Project Management is defined as the application of skills, knowledge, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet needs. Completion of projects in project management includes initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling. On a website, project management plugins help you manage it all. 

WordPress Project Management plugins (project manager software) provide the base for the staff to complete a project with the common root of connection, teamwork, problem-solving, analysis, budget, and planning. The plugin functions with proper efficiency and helps you manage your project at its best. 

Best WordPress Project Management Plugins

In this article, we have the list of top premium WordPress Project Management Plugins compared to help you select the perfect one for your website. Let’s have a look:


Projectopia - Best WordPress Project Management Plugin - wordpress plugin project management

Whether you’re a freelancer or an agency, Projectopia helps you to run your business efficiently and effectively. It provides all the necessary tools to communicate with your clients and team. The plugin is the #1 selling Project Management tool for WordPress users on Codecanyon. Projectopia provides workflow control. The plugin has role-based team members and a client dashboard. It provides ticketing and automated invoicing and a form builder for clients and the staff in the project. 

The features of Projectopia include a client dashboard, quote and lead forms, support tickets, workflow control, add-ons, and much more. One can create an impactful business project and management using the project management software Projectopia. Start streaming your process using this WordPress Project Management Plugin. It is a cheap plugin with lots of functionalities that helps in the efficient management of projects on the website. The plugin is worth the amount and features. 


WP Project Manager Pro

WP Project Manager - Best WordPress Project Management Plugin - wordpress plugin for project management

WP Project Manager is one of the most advanced plugins for WordPress. It comes with great features and functionalities that help you to turn out your project management job into something joyful and interesting. A user can create, organize and assign projects, tasks, and to-dos with ease using this plugin. The plugin helps you keep track of the record of the ongoing project and helps staff know the state of their work by viewing the dashboard. It also manages work/tasks with deadlines, subtasks, activity, progress, and advanced insight. It is a premium WordPress plugin. 

WP Project Manager provides email notifications, time trackers, invoices for charging clients, and many beautiful features. One can pin the to-do list and do their project accordingly. It also has a WooCommerce integration option available. It keeps the time track of the project being done which helps staff complete it on time. The plugin has both the free and pro version available. One can start from free and move to pro as per convenience. However, the plugin has a lot of offers as it is a project management-specific plugin designed for the better management of projects on the site. 


SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project and Document Manager - project management wp plugin - Best WordPress Project Management Plugin

SP Project and Document Manager Plugins are some of the most popular WordPress Project Management Plugins. The plugin enables remote file sharing and maintains control. You can create unlimited folders and subfolders to share, organize and manage clients, and students and control individual documents, etc. 

The plugin demonstrates remote share with clients, sales organizations, and vendors. It has a straightforward layout and access to template modifications and easy-to-manage features. The plugin is trusted by 1000 companies. SP Project and Document Manager have a free and premium versions. You can purchase the necessary addons to manage the project with ease. The plugin is specially designed and developed to help you manage your tasks and projects on the site. It is a beautiful plugin with many useful features and layouts to manage a task better on the site. The projects mentioned on the site are efficiently taken care of by keeping up-to-date information regarding the status, days, activity, progress, clients, users, etc. It provides a separate dashboard for each user for smooth performance on the projects. 


Task Management Pro

Task Manager Pro - Best WordPress Project Management Plugin - project manager wordpress

WordPress Project Management Plugin Task Manager Pro is a fully functional task management premium plugin. It is used for task and project creation plugin that is easy and simple to use. The plugin has a very easy-to-function interface and doesn’t require much documentation. It’s more favorable for sites with simple and easy task management activities. 

One can assign tasks or projects to users in a very easy way. The plugin also enables the option of progress/status/comment in ongoing projects. You can show the project on any page of the site using the shortcodes. It also enables notification and has multiple language support. The plugin has a lot to offer at a very reasonable price. Task Manager Pro is a management plugin that is also used to assign tasks. It is not an all-management functioning plugin. It has some aspects of it and some of the task managers pro functioning too. In all, the plugin makes a great effort in the overall task and project management of the site. 



Panorama - Best WordPress Project Management Plugin - project management wordpress

Panorama is a WordPress Project Management plugin. You can streamline your process with an innovative, easy-to-use client dashboard using this plugin. It is designed to delegate tasks with a critical overlook component of project management clarity. The plugin visualizes the project process so can get an instant view of the status of completion. You can mark the project based on importance and provide emphasis on work accordingly. 

The easy-to-use client and staff dashboard of Panorama enable you to have a simple and clear vision of the project. One of the most effective ways to manage projects is to make sure that everyone has a clear picture of status in instant. You can add unlimited projects and users using this plugin. Keep everyone in sync with little more than a glance using Panorama. 


Zephyr Project Manager

Zephyr Project Manger - Best WordPress Project Management Plugin - project management for wordpress

The plugin Zephyr Project Manager is a modern WordPress plugin. It enables you to manage all your projects and tasks. It functions effectively and helps you to get the work done with ease. The plugin has a beautiful designer interface. It is visually appealing and keeps your project on track. One can create unlimited projects, tasks, and categories using the plugin. It provides an option to upload files, and attachments, and manage files from the file manager page on the dashboard of the site. 

Zephyr Project Manager tracks the project progress using charts and a built-in calendar. You can prioritize the work based on need and importance. The plugin has a built-in calendar and tracking progress to see the task status and improvement. The plugin with full translation and smooth customization. 


Kanban Boards

Kanban - Best WordPress Project Management Plugin - projects in wordpress

Kanban Boards is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create and control project management on a site. You can do more with your website using this plugin. The plugin keeps a deep focus on the work and ongoing projects and helps you manage an effective system. The plugin uses visual boards, which makes the staff and clients fewer distractions and clarifies what work should work on next. It also communicates and collaborates easily all in one place. One can keep everything up-to-date even if they are working remotely. 

the plugin keeps all the information safe, secure, and private on the main server. It has a separate database for workers and users and the project data servers are different from regular WordPress data. Simply empower your team members, leaders, and clients with more oversight on priorities, progress, and completions with Kanban Boards. 


UpStream Project Management

UpStream - Best WordPress Project Management Plugin - wordpress plugins project managemnt

The upStream plugin allows you to manage any project with WordPress. It is an easy-to-use project management plugin that allows you to manage any type of project from inside your WordPress website. The clear and visually appealing interface of the plugin makes the work lively to work. It also has a well-designed project management interface for every client and staff working on it. 

The Upstream Project Management plugin allows the client of your site to track the progress of their project through the frontend project view. The plugin also has a free version available and is very easy to use. It also has a wide range of extensions. You can simply extend the features using the addons and pay only for the addons you use.  This way it can be cheap and you can only use the features that are necessary on your site. As previously mentioned, the plugin provides great support on the site. It manages your project and the status and the client’s and user’s activity and improvement on the assigned projects and all. It is a great and useful Project Management Plugin to use on the site and manage your plans. 


WP Client Portal

WP Client Portal1

The plugin WP Client Portal is a premium WordPress plugin with a project management system. You can assign tasks to your staff and clients smoothly and effectively using this plugin. The plugin enables the private messaging feature, making it easier for everyone to communicate in a better way. The plugin has many beautiful features. 

WP Client Portal has easy integration, designed from the ground up for your existing website. It is highly customizable and developer-friendly. The plugin enables you to manage clients, share files attach estimates, and invoice. The plugin is quite popular as a safety measures application that it provides on the site. It is beneficial for users who want safety and management on the site at the same time. 



CoSchedule - Best WordPress Project Management Plugin

CoSchedule is one of the best WordPress plugins for project management on your website. It is mainly used to manage marketing projects and campaigns of the website all in one place. The plugin serves more than 7000+ customers worldwide with great efficiency. The plugin helps you remain focused and deliver projects on time with the project’s time-tracking records and status. It provides more emphasis on marketing project management. However, it also deals with simple website deals and works. 

CoSchedule is a premium plugin that has beautiful features to make it the perfect solution for a website. It provides a marketing calendar, content organizer, responsive design, project management dashboard, integration tools, and many more. The plugin is used by many users on their site for the smooth and efficient management of projects. However, it is a dual-functioning plugin so, one can have difficulty in managing and using it. But worth the learning, it provides great performance on the site with proper use. 


Wrapping Up

This is the end of our Top 10 Premium WordPress Project Management Plugins Compared listing. All these plugins are better in one way or the other. Select the best one for your site depending on the features and management you want.

If you have any good project management plugins in your mind, let us know about them in the comments section below.

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