5 Keys to Writing Content That Drives Traffic to Your Website

Guest posting is an essential part of content marketing, and the first place you should look at is how you are writing content, if you’re not doing this right now, it’s high time you consider it. Meanwhile, if you’re already guest posting, your brand or business should enjoy broader reach, improved lead generation, and an enhanced return on investments. If not, there’s probably something amiss or lacking in your guest posting strategy.

Premium guest blogging service providers like No BS Agency understand how crucial it is to correctly and properly create high-quality guest post content. So, if you’d like to improve your guest post content so that they drive more traffic to your WordPress website then you need to improve your written content.

Here are the five tactics for writing content that you should employ:

Do Your Research before writing content

Before you even type away on the word processor, it is essential to do some digging first to find out a couple of things, such as the guest blogger’s preferred topic, the tone of the content, length, and format among many other things. If you don’t, you’d be wasting hours coming up with content that could get rejected in the end.

Rejection is equivalent to zero additional traffic. So, the first thing that you should do is to make sure that you’ll write content that the guest blogger would accept and consider. And remember, every guest blogger has his or her preferences, so craft your content to meet them accordingly.

Keep SEO in Mind

You cannot separate SEO from your overall strategy since you are writing a guest post geared to increase traffic. It is wise you also research the best keywords or phrases you could use for writing content that will boost web traffic. Without the right keywords on your content, you’re missing out big on organic traffic.

Writing Content that Drives Traffic

Adding images while writing content is not just a way to break a long wall of text, it also helps improve the SEO of your content. Most bloggers use WordPress as a platform, and you can optimize images on WordPress by picking relevant, copyright-free photos; using the correct file name, and adding tags and captions using relevant keywords.

You also want to add both external and internal links to your post. Ideally, you should link out to high-traffic and high-authority sites to boost more traffic to your content. Importantly, you need to link back to your site, either in the body of your content or in the author bio, whichever the blog owner approves. Without a link back, people who want to learn more about you, or your brand or business, won’t have any clue who you are, and they may quickly move on to another resource.

Make Your Headline and Introduction Count

People nowadays have a very short attention span. If you can’t hook them with the very first few sentences of your guest post, you’re likely to have lost the readers. So, make your introduction count starting from the headlines. Use headlines that have an emotional impact on them, all the while making sure that they are short, concise, and direct to the point.


Proceed with a solid introduction. There are several ways to do this, like asking a question, stating an impressive statistic, or hinting at a problem that your content might be able to solve. At this point, you want to pick your audience’s interest and keep that momentum going until the very end.

Get Inspired and Pick a Topic the Audience Will Love

You want content that drives traffic, which means you should do away from dull, boring, and uninteresting topics. Don’t write on a topic that’s been shared and rehashed too many times. Instead, pick one that’s relatable, relevant, interesting, and of course, well within the blog owner’s niche or industry.

If you feel like it’s challenging to find a good topic, you’ll find an assortment of inspired topics from the Daily Post, a platform that provides WordPress writing prompts. Give the Daily Post a good go-through and derive inspiration from its archive of articles just by clicking one of the keywords and it will bring about hundreds of related content for inspiration.

If you’d like to take a few short courses to enhance your writing and branding skills on the WordPress platform, the Daily Post also has courses on Blogging: Branding and Growth as well as Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration.

Check Before You Send


Finally, take your final product and give it another round or two of proofreading to make sure that it reads and flows well. You should also correct any grammatical or typographical errors. You also want to run it through a plagiarism detection software or program to ensure that it is 100% unique and original. Don’t skip this process even if you feel like you’ve perfected the content. It prevents embarrassing encounters with the blog owner and creates a bad impression of your brand or business.

Final Thoughts

Guest blogging presents you with excellent opportunities for backlinking, which in turn drives traffic to your site. Writing guest blog content is both a technical and creative process and coming up with a high-quality post that the blog owner will love and willingly publish can take some time and effort. It is important to observe these critical strategies for writing winning guest posts to build good relationships with blog owners, establish your authority in the field, and importantly, bring in more traffic.

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