Best WordPress Frontend Posting Plugins

5+ Best WordPress Frontend Posting Plugins (Premium Collection)

Frontend posting can be a useful feature for the websites that accept guest posts or user submitted contents. It allows your users to submit, edit, or draft their blogs directly from the frontend of your website. In doing so, you can save a lot of time that might be consumed while finding and copying the submitted content from the long list of emails. Moreover, this feature also keeps the anonymous visitors away from your admin area as you don’t have to provide login access to your unknown users to add your posts.

Frontend posting feature can be added on your WordPress website using WordPress plugins. These plugins come with advanced features and functionality to add a special type of form that lets your audience contribute their post on the draft, or publish it as per your configuration. Moreover, some of the plugins also allow you to add Captcha protection to keep spammers and abusers away from the post submissions.

Some of the Best WordPress Frontend Posting Plugins:

Now let’s talk about some of the most popular WordPress frontend posting available on the market. These plugins have a very high number of sales and are positively rated by their users due to the availability of great features. Moreover, they are well supported by their owners and are updated regularly to keep them compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Let’s talk about them in details:

AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro

AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro

AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro is a premium WordPress plugin that allows your audience to submit their posts in an easy and secure way. You can create unlimited number of submission forms using the simple drag and drop mechanism and add them anywhere on your WordPress website. Moreover, the plugin provides distinct options for each of the forms to set up various restrictions as per the user role while submitting the contents.

Great Features of Anonymous Post Pro:

  • Create Unlimited Number of Submission Forms
  • Custom File Uploader to Upload Image, Audio, Video and Docs
  • Email Notification to Admin After Successful Post Submission
  • Customized Post Submission Message
  • Ability to Select Form Fields
  • Captcha for Keeping Spammers and Abusers Away
  • Custom Post Type and Taxonomy
  • Use Shortcode to Display Submission Form Anywhere

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Frontend Publishing Pro

Frontend Publishing Pro

Frontend Publishing Pro is a responsive WordPress plugin that allows your users to create, edit or delete posts from the frontend. It comes with a simple drag and drop interface that easily lets you build submission forms in no time. And using the shortcode generated, you can add the forms anywhere on your WordPress website. Besides, the plugin also contains layered security to make your post submission form secure from spams.

Great Features of Frontend Publishing Pro:

  • Create Unlimited Number of Forms
  • Ability to Edit or Delete Posts from the Frontend
  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • Add Custom Fields on Forms with Ease
  • Add a Wide Variety of Validation Rules on the Form
  • Automatically Sanitize User Input Before Inserting Into Database
  • Email Notification to Contributor Whenever Submission is Made
  • Advanced Fields Types

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Frontend Submit Pro

Frontend Submit Pro

Frontend Submit Pro is a WordPress frontend submission form builder for creating multipurpose frontend posting forms with the flexible form fields. It comes with easy to use drag and drop option to create responsive submission forms without having to use any codes. Moreover, the plugin contains 24 field types that can be added to your submission form to make it more engaging and appealing to your contributors.

Great Features of Frontend Submit Pro:

  • Create Unlimited Frontend Post Submission Form
  • 24 Field Types Supported
  • Repeater Field Supported
  • Use Shortcode to Embed Forms into Any Page
  • Multiple Conditional Logic
  • Email Notifications
  • Redirect Users to Selected Page After Submission
  • Email Notification for Each Form Entries

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Forms Management System

Forms Management System

Forms Management System is an ultimate frontend plugin that provides a full solution to build advanced posting forms, guest forms, registration and edit profile forms, contact forms, and frontend dashboard for WordPress website. It comes with a visual form builder to easily built responsive forms by dragging and dropping its custom field. Besides, the plugin also supports different styling to style up your forms and make it attractive for your contributors.

Great Features of Forms Management System:

  • Create Unlimited Frontend Dashboard
  • Options to Create Full-Width Forms
  • Custom Field Message
  • 3 Different TextAreas
  • Multisite Supported
  • Toggle Switches
  • Smart Conditional Logic
  • Date and Time Custom Field

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Prometheus User Submitted Content

Prometheus User Submitted Content

Prometheus User Submitted Content is a premium WordPress plugin to allow your visitors to submit posts, upload files or images, from the frontend. It comes with powerful tools to create content submission forms and add them to the location of your design. Through the submission form, the post submission becomes simple to your users. Besides, the plugin is supported by different protections to keep the spammers away from submitting the forms.

Great Features of Prometheus User Submitted Contents:

  • Includes Shortcode to Add Submission Form Anywhere on your Website
  • Define Wide Range of Rules on the Form
  • View Statistic About User Submitted Contents
  • Moderate Submitted Post and Publish Them Immediately
  • Track your Submitter by IP Address, User Agent and Referrer
  • Allow Only Predefined Users to Submit Posts
  • Receive Email Alerts for Each Post Submission
  • Get Protected Against Spammer Bots

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Wrapping Up

The above mentioned plugin are the best WordPress frontend posting plugins available on the market. They contains advanced options to allow your users to submit, edit, delete or even submit their contents directly from the frontend. So, if you want to add frontend post submission feature on your WordPress website then, you can purchase the above mentioned plugin for a reasonable price.

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