Dominate with EightMedi Pro: Premium Medical WordPress Theme

EightMedi Pro is a feature-rich premium Medical WordPress theme perfect for personal or business websites related to medicines and hospitals. EightMedi Pro is a super fast, feature-rich, professional, well-coded, and immensely responsive theme.

You no longer require advanced coding skills or long hours of tedious work for building a website if you have EightMedi Pro. Because this is one theme that does everything for you.

Though this theme is especially perfect for personal or business websites related to medicines and hospitals, it can be used by anyone who wants to create a top-notch website.

EightMedi Pro Theme – Primary Features

  • Import the demo content on your site and then edit it to make your site just like the demo.
demo import eightmedi pro
  • Configure your top header and main header with different contents and alignments of the menu
  • Highly Configurable HomePage sections with On/Off feature and sections Re-Order Feature
  • EightMedi Lite Normal Slider, Slider shortcode option for another slider like revolution, etc
  • Book an appointment section lets you add the background image and a form shortcode.
  • Add widgets and contents from the backend for sidebars and homepage main contents as well.

EightMedi Pro Theme Demo – How does the theme look?

Here is a brief preview of how this feature-rich premium WordPress medical theme looks.

eightmedi demo

EightMedi Pro Theme Customization

A primary USP of this feature-rich premium WordPress medical theme is that you can customize just about anything with this theme. And customization is not just flexible but extremely easy, with just a few simple steps you can redefine the theme completely.

Let us take you through the theme’s customization parts.

eightmedi customization options
eightmedi customization option

Digging a little deeper inside what the theme allows for customization; we present here some of the customization options one-on-one. If you would like to have a closer and better look at these customization options please click here                                                                           

Site Identity

Through an option of site identity configuration, you can :

  • Enter your Site Title and Tagline
  • Choose a Site Icon or Favicon for your site.
eightmedi default setup

Webpage Layout

Also, you can choose your preferred webpage layout. How would you like your site to be viewed? Full width or Boxed?

Top Header Call-To

This customization option allows you to :

  • Enable/Disable Top Header.
  • Call to content left.
  • Call to content right?
eightmedi slider setup

Header Search Setting

With Header Search Setting, you can :

  • Enable/Disable the Header search setting.
eightmedi header search setting

Header Logo Alignment Setting

  • Choose Header logo Alignment Default (left Align) or Center Align.

Slider Setting

This setting allows you to :

  • Enable/Disable Display Slider.
  • Select Slider Type. (Revolution, Category).
eightmedi slider setup
eightmedi slider setups
  • Select the Category Homepage Slider

Create a Post  ‘Category’ for Slider then select the respective Category.

  • Enable/Disable Display Pager.
  • Enable/Disable Display control.
  • Enable/Disable Auto  Transition.
  • Choose Transition Type(Slid or Fade)
  • Choose Transition speed.
  • Choose Slider Transition Pause Time.
  • Enable/Disable Link to Post on Slider Image And Title.
  • Add Slider CTA Button Link.
eightmedi slider setup 1

About Section Customization Options

The feature-rich premium WordPress medical theme has multiple attractive sections ready for you to create your website. The sections are :

  • Featured Section
  • Book an Appointment Section
  • About Section
  • Team Member Section
  • Call to Action Section
  • Latest News Section
  • Testimonial Section
  • FAQ Section
  • Our Sponsors Section
  • Small Call to Action Section
  • Google Map Section

Many of these sections have somewhat similar customization options. Of course, some sections are a bit more customizable than others. The basic framework, however, is the same.

So we are depicting here the customization options of the “About” Section in this review.

Here is what you can customize in the “About” Section :

  • Enable/Disable Section.
  • Create a “Post”   for the About Us Section Then select the respective “Post”.
  • Add “View More ” Text.
eightmedi about section

EightMedi Pro – Custom Post Types

  • Doctor
  • Team
  • Testimonial
  • Faq
  • Sponsors

EightMedi Pro – Pricing and Licence

eightmedi pricing

Wrapping Up,

We are not going to claim this is the best multipurpose theme there is. We can however, assure you that this theme is going to be everything that you have ever wanted. And why not ? You can with one click import the demo, which means you need not worry on designing your theme from scratch.

Every single detail can be customized with few clicks, no coding or long hours of work required. You can re-order any section of the homepage, and make only those sections visible that you want. You can even add widgets and contents from backend for sidebars and homepage main contents.

This feature-rich premium medical WordPress theme, can be your go-to theme for creating any kind of website. Here again, we emphasize that this theme can be used everywhere, but for medicine related website, its absolute perfection.

So, hey, what are you waiting for ?

Check out the Download or purchase page of this feature-rich premium WordPress medical theme by clicking the button below. Let us know your thoughts on theme, and if you are excited already to make this theme yours, the purchase button is right below.

Also, the lite version of this theme was listed by GoDaddy as the top ten best WooCommerce Themes. GoDaddy had evaluated all the themes on the basis of :

  • Page Generation Time
  • Lowest Memory Usage
  • Database Query Time
  • Database Queries
  • Theme Check Score

After evaluation on the basis of all these criteria, EightMedi Lite was considered one of the top ten best WooCommerce Themes. Here is the link to the article.

Best Free WooCommerce Themes

You know what you can expect from the premium version, now you know that the lite one is so incredibly terrific. EightMedi Pro – a feature-rich premium WordPress medical theme

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