Top 7 Free Education Themes for WordPress

Many students utilize WordPress to create personal websites. Colleges, hiring essay writers, and universities use the same platform to inform students about news, promote educational institutions, recruit new employees, and post informative articles. Expert writers recommend creating a website that has a corresponding theme to match the core goal. For this, you need an Education theme

Best Free Education Theme for WordPress

Joan Young, a professional essay writer from AdvancedWriters, explains the reason why site holders should pick themes carefully and thoughtfully. “Theme is not only about colours and layouts. This is a mirror of an owner that reflects uniqueness and goals that echo with the visitor’s preferences.” She has written several articles about the impact of colours, pictures, headings, titles, and layouts on a visitor’s choice and decision to stay or leave the website immediately.

WordPress allows educators and learners to create educational platforms for various purposes. Besides, the same theme might be used in business and entertainment as well. Sometimes, website budgeting is not big. Budgeting is always a painful subject for students whose adulthood also involved bills and other expenses. That is why the essay writer decided to research and select the top seven free education themes for WordPress.

1. Education Hub

If you do not want to confuse your visitors with too many options and messy layouts, this theme is right for your needs. An average academic essay writing service uses it to promote professional assistance and help customers solve their academic problems with homework. The simplicity always attracts students who want to get affordable assistance quickly without the need to search for an order form or email. 

The demo version introduces two matching colours – orange and blue. It is possible to activate a search line to simplify the navigation. Besides, it offers many widgets to customize the website depending on the purpose. If a person does not like the offered colours or layout, it will be possible to change them. 

2. Education Zone

Hire essay writers to say that blocks of information are easier to comprehend, especially when they have different colour patterns. Web designers can easily systematize information about the university, its advantages, and its offers. Besides, it has a user-friendly interface, so even beginners will have no problems when trying to adapt this theme to the website. 

Another advantage of the theme is its simple and fast connection of the website with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Due to that, users stay informed 24/7 and never miss college news. The incorporation of one’s brand is as simple as ABC.

The indisputable benefit of Education Zone is its SEO optimization which lets Internet users find the university or topics related to education due to search engines and keywords. It means that the website might have great chances to become profitable and accessible if structured and supplied on a top level. 

3. Kids Campus

It is one of the best free themes that allow one to customize the website regarding the needs of its owner. As a rule, this theme fits the best organizations that are mostly oriented toward the smallest learners. Kindergartens, training centres, nursery services, and highly qualified experts who work as babysitters use it because of its fun and simple design.

It is very easy to systematize information and provide it in the form of block schedules. Such structuring allows preschools or primary schools to introduce the personnel, daily activities, benefits, feedback, About Us information, schedules, working hours, and more. A variety of colour patterns, widgets, and headings helps to customize the site and make it attractive for visitors.

4. VW School Education

This theme looks prestigious and trustable. The initial combination of a black and red background evokes the association with top-rated educational institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Yale. The theme was created by true professionals who knew what educators and their target audience wanted to see. 

The theme lets a person add an emblem and logo, links to social media websites, multiple widgets, and well-structured sections full of useful information. Besides, it provides SEO optimization and secure code to protect the personal information of visitors. 

5. Kids’ Education

This theme is also a great choice for preschool and primary education organizations. The entertaining design welcomes users with soft and pleasant colour combinations. The educational institution can reflect the best features and services logically and neatly. Interactive icons in combination with marvellous fonts make the text readable. 

Besides, it is possible to present information about legality on the top, which is professional. The theme offers bright menus, sliders, widgets, and other useful options. 

6. Education LMS

If the university, school, or college wants to sell unique learning courses, this theme will fit it best of all. It was developed primarily for this purpose. Thanks to that, a user can find and buy the desired course without problems, according to the experience of reliable essay writing help. It works great with LearnPress and drags and drops Elementor plugins. Together, they let the creator share courses, update the rating of learners, systematize the advertised courses, and more. 

7. Educenter 

It does not matter what kind of educational institution you need to present because Educenter fits any goal. It operates on all existing devices and is customer-oriented. A website owner requires a few clicks to adjust the site to personal wishes. It is possible to sell courses, promote college/ university/ kindergarten/ club, and post informative articles here. 

It is very easy to set up headings and add tests, comments, CTAs, testimonials, and representatives of the staff. Colours vary to meet the requirements of users. It is compatible with selling plugins, so the theme suits business goals as well.


The variety of free themes is impressive. They let users customize their websites without problems thanks to compatibility with digital devices and plugins. They offer different widgets, colours, headings, sliders, and other features to let students find everything required quickly and safely. One should view demos that show how the website may look with the selected theme.

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