5 Ways to Get More Email Subscribers from Your WordPress Blog

Do you want to get more Email Subscribers from your WordPress Blog?

There’s no denying the fact that email marketing is certainly one of the best tools of ROI to date. However, when it comes to counting email subscribers from your WordPress blog, it is always a daunting task. One could have traffic of more than thousands per day but barely manage 15-20 subscribers. With more than 3 billion people around the globe using email, it’s a bit surreal to think why your email list only has a handful of people subscribing, even though you send your emails at the right time.

Ways to Get More Email Subscribers


The flaw in the fabric is generally one’s adopted approach for getting people to sign up for their email list. In this post, we take a look at 5 proven ways how one can maximize the number of email subscribers for a WordPress blog.

Giveaways are an absolute favourite

Everyone likes gifts and when you run giveaways, there’s a good chance that people will subscribe to your email list. Giveaways needn’t be expensive. Of course, you can have your own set of giveaways if you can manage, but when you are starting, things like free ebooks or an Amazon gift card can do the trick.

Nevertheless, giveaways can be a cliché when everyone is using them. So, you improvise. Design a contest or a competition for your visitors and at the end throw in the “precious” giveaway. Such an approach will give your visitors a sense of accomplishment and get them to happily punch in their email addresses when they take part.

Blog posts with opt-in forms

Embedding opt-in forms right within your blog post is another great way to lure subscribers. Readers give more attention to such opt-in forms since they will be spending some time reading your blog and staying on the same page. You might as well club an offer alongside a free ebook or exclusive discount.

One can use form-building plug-ins on WordPress that has easy drag-and-drop features and also interacts seamlessly to collect and record the email addresses of potential subscribers.

Content upgrade

Essentially, a lead opt-in, content upgrade is nothing more than a bonus write-up that functions to complement your blog posts. Some of the most popular content upgrade options include:

  • Ebook on the very subject the blog is about, only a little bit in-depth
  • Case studies
  • A cheat sheet that functions as a CTA (Call-to-Action) implements what’s been discussed in the blog
  • Create a newsletter utilizing a newsletter template to promote updated content, promotions, or products
  • A PDF version of the blog page
  • Checklists that help you achieve a particular goal

In order to receive the content upgrade, visitors will have to sign up via the opt-in form included. One can also break their post in the form of small MP3 files (use a text-to-speech tool); especially if it’s a long read so that people can save it for later, or give it a listen on the go while driving. This will broaden your chance to get the number of subscribers. Alongside this, it will also boost the number of visitors adding value to your blog.

The controversial, but highly befitting Pop-ups

Truth be told, pop-ups have always been the centre of controversy. What works in their favour is that when it comes to conversion, they work exceedingly well for WordPress blogs. In order to rope in more email subscribers, you can use three kinds of pop-ups, namely;

  • On-load pop-ups
  • On-scroll pop-ups

Exit-intent pop-ups
Apart from these three basic pop-up types, there are also click-on pop-ups, but they aren’t that effective considering the frictionless experience that it brings to people. On the other hand, on-load and exit-intent pop-ups seem to get the job done easily, subjected to a couple of admonitions:

The content upgrade has to be accurately related to the goal of an article and should be high-quality reading material. For instance, if someone runs a Google search for the keyword, “Virtual Reality” and is presented with a related pop-up that reads, “ Ten Ways you can use Virtual Reality in Real Life”, you have got your new email subscriber right there.

One should stick to using on-load pop-ups only on their desktops since Google has its own penalizing formula for on-load pop-ups across mobiles, where your ranking takes a hit. Personalizing a pop-up with an opt-in form for recording subscribers’ email addresses is a more befitting approach and less annoying to a user.

Don’t ignore the sidebars

A rather simple way to boost conversion via email sign-up is to include an opt-in form in your blog sidebar. The glitch in the mechanism is that every time users scroll down your blog, the sidebar widgets tend to disappear on their own. So, in order to ensure a reader sees the opt-in form always, use a fixed widget that stays atop your page even when one scrolls down to the bottom.

Wrap up

More number of email subscribers for your WordPress blog means more revenue to your pockets. Given the fact, that email works to convert better than any other channels of marketing; it can help contribute to prosper your business. As you go on implementing content upgrades in the best manner, you stay one step closer of easily converting users to email subscribers. Using the right set of tools and plug-in, your WordPress Blog email list can easily build a huge audience to cater.

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