8Degree Themes – A premium WordPress theme club is launched with exciting features


8Degree Themes – A premium WordPress theme club is launched with exciting features

We are very excited to launch 8Degree Themes, which is a perfect premium WordPress theme club, which gives you access to all of our beautifully designed WordPress themes. It’s not just a website to sell individual products at individual pricing but it’s a club that lets its members use all the brand-new themes that it launches every month. We announce 100% complete access to our entire collection of themes and all our future releases for just a membership at a reasonable cost. Is it not an amazing offer?

8Degree Themes has simply 8 reasons why you would love it. The most important thing about the club is the subscription plan, which frees you from the burden to pay every time you buy a theme. One-time membership is going to feed you with startling unique theme releases in short intervals. It is a beyond your-imagination offer because it is beyond any limitation or boundary to play with the themes. Try the new and unique themes each time until your get satisfied.

That’s not all. We have to reveal what the 8 reasons are. Here, they are:

1. Free Themes

Many free themes, only buy themes when you are ready!

2. Every theme is special

We’re not offering you a few goods and many average themes. All themes are special!

3. Buy one or buy the bundle

It’s your choice, you can buy the one you like or become a club member and get all themes.

4. It’s not just theme

plugins, many freebies, great resources, support, and more.

5. Guaranteed at least 2 New themes monthly

Don’t stick to the old ones, get fresh themes at least 2 monthly!

6. Save money

Everyone loves saving! Yes, you save money by subscribing to our club membership.

7. Money-back guarantee

Not happy with our themes? No worries – we’ll try next time with you. Ask for a refund!

8. Amazing Support

Support is simply amazing! Don’t trust our words, check for yourself!

The club is not only about premium themes but also about a lot of free themes, plugins, many freebies, and great resources. It is a collage solution for all kinds of WordPress needs. This means that you will get access to all of our wonderful free themes and premium themes at a reasonable cost. Similarly many free and PRO plugins will be within your reach.

Free WordPress themes

The club offers full freedom to you about the membership as it’s okay if you want to buy the individual products without being one of the members. So, we say ‘buy one or buy a bundle’. We promise to bring at least 2 new themes every month and also it’s our strong conviction to refund your money in case of dissatisfaction. Besides, we provide great after-sales support including online chat support, email support, and a dedicated forum and we make sure that all of your queries will be replied to within some minutes extending to a maximum of 48 hours.

Quality themes- reasonable pricing

Buying themes individually is just like going shopping and collecting various goods and products of your need from different shops kept along the street. If you do so, you wander around the street to find a nice shop, look into the products kept for sale, study the utility and benefits of it, and finally, after spending much of your time, you’ll decide to buy. It’s a boring task for many people to go for such kind of shopping and they opt for all-in-one kind of stores. I think buying individual themes individually is different by no means from street shopping. So, it’s time to step forward and enjoy the mind-blowing offers in a club.

WordPress Plugins

We already have some brand new and fantastic themes and plugins in our store and soon will be loaded with more and more. So, you can subscribe or purchase individual themes of your choice.

If you are a great customer with higher purchases of themes, it’s more than a good opportunity for you. You are showered with a bunch of wonderful offers like one-time purchases and a whole year of service, saving a lot from your budget, amazing support, etc.

In addition, we are offering you each of the themes very special and unique. It’s not like a collection of all-average kinds of themes but each is worth good pay. So why not hurry?

Be a member today and get beautifully designed freemium and premium themes and plugins!

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