How to Add WhatsApp Contact Button on WordPress Website? (Step by Step Guide)

Integrating a contact button of popular social media applications like Messenger, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, etc can be a great way to make yourself available for communication. Your customers, before making a purchase might have different queries or pre-sale questions regarding your service. For that, you might have added the email contact form to support them. However, there might be some clients who might want the answers instantly, and failing to do so might turn them to the competitor site. So, to support those clients via instant message/call, you might consider adding social media contact buttons using a WordPress plugin.

If you search for a contact button plugin on the internet then, you might get results with different WordPress plugins/extensions integrated with various social media. So, it’s up to you to choose the most suitable social network online chat/call feature for your WordPress website.

Here, we will be discussing a short tutorial on how to add a WhatsApp button on the WordPress website. The plugin, we will be using is the WP WhatsApp button. It is a premium WordPress plugin by AccessPress Themes that comes with different layouts and customization options to add a beautiful WhatsApp button to your WordPress website.

Some of the Great Features of the WP WhatsApp Button:

  • 10 Predesigned Button Templates
  • 10 Different Hover Animation Effects
  • Custom Color Options
  • Page, Post, and Category Selection Option
  • 8 Different Positions for Button Placement
  • Enable/Disable Button Text
  • Sticky/Floating Button
  • Add Button on Menu

Full Features and Detail of WP WhatsApp Contact Button

Adding WhatsApp Contact Button Using WP WhatsApp Button Plugin

Now let’s get forward with this step-by-step guide and add a WhatsApp contact button on the WordPress website:

Step 1:

Get the WP WhatsApp button plugin from the CodeCanyon marketplace at the price of $10. Then, install it on your website.

The installation of WP WhatsApp button is similar to the installation of other WordPress plugins. So, if you have any difficulties while installing the plugin, you can refer to its documentation.

Step 2:

After you have completed the installation of the plugin, activate it. Then, you can see the “WP WhatsApp Button” appear on the left menu of your WordPress dashboard. Click on it to continue.

You will land on the user detail page of the plugin. Here, you need to add your WhatsApp contact number.

Step 3:

Then, go to the next tab – “Floating Button”. It contains all the configuration and customization settings of the plugin. The settings include:

Display Settings:

Here, you can enable/disable your WhatsApp button for mobiles and desktops. Also, you can enable/disable the button text, sticky button, and tooltips. If you have enabled the button text then, you can align it for your button text.


Here, you can select any of the 10 pre-designed layouts for your WhatsApp button.

Color Settings:

Here, you can customize the color for your button, text, icon, and icon background.

Animation Settings:

Here, you can choose any of the 10 pre-available animation effects for the WhatsApp contact button.

Button Position:

Here, you can set the position of your WhatsApp contact button. The plugin comes with 8 inbuilt button positions. So, select the most suitable position to place your button.


Here, you can choose the pages, posts, and categories where you want to display your WhatsApp button.

Step 3:

Now, to add the WhatsApp contact button on the menu of your website, go to the next tab “Menu Settings”. It contains different settings to configure and customize the button. That includes:

General Settings:

Here, you can enable/disable your WhatsApp button for your menu, set its position, and enable/disable the button text.


Here, you can select any of the 5 pre-designed templates for your WhatsApp contact menu button.


Here, you can customize the color for your button, text, icon, and icon background.

Menu Options:

Here, you can select the menu in which you want the WhatsApp contact button to be displayed.

Step 4:

Since the plugin is shortcode ready, you can add the WhatsApp contact button on any pages, posts, or widgets of your WordPress website by copying the generated shortcodes.

You just need to configure and customize display settings, templates, color settings, animation settings, button positions, and contact details. Then, click on “Click Me to Generate Shortcode” to generate the shortcodes. After that, copy it anywhere you want on your WordPress website to add your WhatsApp button.

Wrapping Up

In this way, you can add WhatsApp contact button on WordPress website in a few minutes. A contact button can allows your audience to directly contact you via instant messages and call for any supports or queries. Hence, it can greatly increase your site’s conversion rate. So, if you want to add a WhatsApp button on your WordPress website then, you can get the plugin at a reasonable price and follow this step by step tutorial.

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