Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress Users

Amazon is not only just a giant e-commerce website, but it’s the most extensive affiliate program in the globe. Moreover, apart from selling tons of products online, there are so many things that make the marketplace stand out in the field of the affiliate program. You can earn money by merely promoting Amazon’s products using a special affiliate link.

The whole process is to send people to Amazon’s site with customized affiliate links. If any person buys through your personalized affiliate link, you will get out of that respective sale. This is a pretty simple but effective way of earning a passive income. But before getting started, it is important to disclose your website’s affiliate relationship with Amazon. Failure to do so may ban you from the Amazon affiliate program. And not just affiliate vendors, but FTC also requires you to include an affiliate disclosure on your website. This is to ensure that visitors are fully aware of the relationship between your website and the vendor. A plugin like WP Legal Pages can help you create an Amazon & FTC compliant Affiliate Disclosure policy for your website in minutes.

Why Use Amazon Affiliate Plugin?

If you want to start affiliate marketing by adopting a manual process, it could take a bit of time. Because you have to go to the Amazon affiliate marketplace to get the affiliate link of a respective product. In that case, if you have to go to display 100 products on your affiliate site, you need to go 100 times to the Amazon site or you need to copy them manually of 100 different products. That’s pretty time-consuming and hard to manage all the way.

But by using a quality plugin, you can lessen all burdens you may face while doing affiliate marketing. In this case, you need not go to Amazon’s site; instead, you can create and manage affiliate links on your website. But the question arises, which plugin is the best-suited one when there are tons of plugins out there in the field,

That is why the article is intended to. In this article, I will cover the best Amazon affiliate plugins for your Amazon associates. Here, let’s get started with the listing first:

Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins in WordPress

There are a ton of Amazon affiliate plugins out there in the marketplace that are enough to make you confused. Here are the best five Amazon affiliate plugins:

  • AzonPress
  • Amazon Affiliate for WordPress(AAWP)
  • AmaLinks Pro
  • EasyAzon
  • Amazon Link

1. AzonPress


AzonPress is one of the best Amazon premium affiliate plugins for WordPress users. It’s a powerful plugin that is used to create Amazon text links right from your website. You don’t need to go to the Amazon dashboard to generate your affiliate links for any particular products. Once you integrate the plugin with your Amazon affiliate account, it will automatically generate the affiliate link from our website. You can create custom currency for your affiliate marketing.

Moreover, AzonPress developed a smart caching system to load your products using Amazon API without compromising the site’s speed. Moreover, you can set up a geotargeting system for your shop for having a smooth and stable output.

Now, let’s take a look at the detailed observation of each product.

Major Features:

  • Easy interface with the handy set-up facility
  • Responsive product comparison table and product table
  • Countless affiliations can be created
  • Easy affiliate management system
  • Geo-targeting with accurate tracking
  • Easy and customizable layouts
  • Cost-effective pricing plans
  • Dedicated support with an extended documentation facility

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2. Amazon Affiliate for WordPress(AAWP)


Amazon Affiliate for WordPress(AAWP) is another quality plugin for WordPress users. This plugin is used to localize Amazon affiliate products for your affiliate website. In this case, you don’t need to leave your affiliate website while affiliating products. You can do all that simply by staying on your website. There are several advanced features of AAWP. It simplifies the process of Amazon affiliate marketing by providing you with different features and functionalities.

The plugin automatically updates the prices via Amazon API. To do so, you do not need to be worried about violating Amazon affiliates’ terms and conditions as it provides and displays the real prices all the time.

Major Features:

  • Compatible with any type of theme
  • Shortcode-friendly product table
  • Synchronize with Amazon partner networks
  • Responsive mobile-friendly product table
  • Automated data updates
  • Geo-targeting with widgets facility
  • Developer friendly

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3. AmaLinks Pro


AmaLink Pro is one of the best-quality premium plugins for Amazon affiliates. This is a profound tool for managing the Amazon affiliate marketing process with ease of usage. You can create different types of affiliate links while generating affiliate links. For instance, the connection could be like images, texts, CTA buttons, and beautiful snippets as well.

This plugin will automatically update the latest pricing of the respective products. The plugin has a bunch of advanced features, that’s why sometimes the plugin gets slowed down, but overall, you will get a smooth user experience.

Major Features:

  • Easy going interface
  • Generate text links
  • Allow adding custom CTA or Buy buttons
  • Displaying a beautiful showcase box
  • Gutenberg-compliant product tables
  • Creating easy comparison tables

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4. EasyAzon


EasyAzon is another quality plugin that works for Amazon affiliate marketers. By using the plugin, you can manage your Amazon affiliate program without facing any hassle. From setting up links easily to opening a new window when someone clicks, you can track and display a product pop-up, apply no-follow attributes, link cloaking for SEO purposes, and so on. 

You also can localize affiliate links using this awesome plugin as the plugin comes with a built-in automatic link localizer. It has a huge amount of commission boosters. This will save you valuable time and money. Let’s take a look at the major features of the plugin.

Major Features:

  • Creating text and image affiliate links
  • Target blank with now-follow attribute
  • Supports all the locations based on the associate affiliate program
  • Generating product pop-up
  • Supports product link localizer
  • Automated affiliate link cloaking
  • Support multiple affiliate tracking ID

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5. Amazon Link


Amazon Link is the last quality Amazon affiliate plugin in the list. This plugin is also used to add product links from the Amazon marketplace. This plugin will allow you to operate your Amazon affiliate marketing within your website. The plugin is compatible with any country associated with Amazon. A powerful product search option can be used by using the plugin.

There are several templates available within the plugin, including different widgets, and wishlists. You can create any one of the templates available within the plugin, Or you can create your template. Moreover, the plugin is a developer and shortcode friendly. Let’s take a look at the major features of the plugin:

Major Features:

  • Special search tool to create links in posts and pages
  • Generate optional multinational pop-up
  • Multiple built-in templates with a custom template creation facility
  • Several widgets facility
  • Allow Amazon product details to cache
  • Ability to extend and modify the functionality of the plugin

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Over to You

As Amazon is the most prominent affiliate marketplace, you can earn a massive amount of commission by following the proper tactic. There are tons of products that make the marketplace more scalable. A quality tool can do a lot in this regard to leverage your Amazon affiliate marketing process. All the plugins mentioned here are listed based on quality, and they will help you to manage your overall Amazon affiliate marketing.

I hope this article helps you to choose the right plugin for your website. Let me know what you are using, or if I missed any to list, feel free to share your opinion.

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