Top 7 WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder Plugins – 2024

As this business world is highly focused on grabbing the maximum number of targeted audiences, it becomes indispensable for you to have a keen eye on the overall appearance of your business website. A pretty website is a key to your success and it unlocks the doors to a profitable business by giving you a good web presence and sound traffic. Here, the drilling factor is to use a robust platform to design your website, because a simplistic gateway solves almost half of your problems and takes you to the zenith.

WordPress is the answer to most business owners in the current scenario as it has a host of plugins and themes in stock to create engaging web designs for diversified businesses. Drag and drop page builder by WordPress is one such beneficial plugin range that solves the major problem of WordPress users by giving them an eye-catching look and extended features in parallel.

What Does a Drag and Drop Page Builder Do?

In the online marketplace, web-building platforms are reaching heights of success. To achieve perfection in this scenario, drag-and-drop builders are doing amazing work, especially for those who are not well-versed in the coding world. It enables you to create astonishing designs and thus make websites come alive.
A drag-and-drop page builder primarily accomplishes two tasks:
1. Provides you with the ability to see what you are creating while you are making it.
2. Slows down the time required to create a website.
In recent times, there are plenty of page builder plugins available with enormous functionality embedded into them. As a result, you will get an adorable design for your website along with an intuitive interface.

Let’s explore the below list of Drag and Drop Page Builder Plugins:

1. Tatsu Page Builder

It is a No-Code Page Builder for WordPress. It provides an immersive Visual Editing experience from header to footer inside the page builder. 50+ modules help you build an entire page within seconds. With the pre-built concepts, you can build faster sites with customizable content blocks straight from Tatsu.


  • Custom Margin According to your requirement on a per-device basis.
  • Select a row or column and jump right into the Widgets
  • Tailored Options for every module and also generic customizations
  • Drag and drop sections to easily rearrange them.
  • The dark mode by default and amazing flow while using the interface
  • Create as many layouts as you need and save them as a template
  • Full Retina support across all the widgets.
  • Swiss army knife for Designers, Agencies, and Indie Developers alike.

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2. SiteOrigin Page Builder

It is an amazing plugin by the SiteOrigin team where you are allowed a canvas and an array of individual content blocks to work. Each block has its title and settings and you can adjust the actual contents of that block.

SiteOrigin Page Builder - Top WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder Plugin


  • The available content blocks that are installed on your site, are widget-based.
  • It works with any of the themes you want
  • You will have a grid-based responsive output
  • You have a good version control
  • It can be activated for any page or post
  • Complete drag-and-drop support with canvas
  • Multiple customization options for borders, colors, styles, etc.

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3. Elementor Live Page Builder

It is an open-source drag-and-drop live page builder that offers immediate results and does not make you wait for long. It also supports third-party WordPress widgets that you can use to add more functionality.


  • A colorful user interface enables you to make changes on the site at the front end.
  • The interface is quick-load and easy to use.
  • Layouts can be saved and can be used anywhere on the website.
  • An intuitive layout that allows easy modification of margin and padding settings, content position, etc.

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4. Brizy

Brizy is the most user-friendly Page Builder in town that comes with a new innovative way to create WordPress pages fast and easily! You get the full experience with zero restrictions, for FREE, and pay only for extended functionality and premium design if you need them.

Brizy WordPress Builder


  • Smart & clutter free – we show only what’s needed, front & center, close to the element you’re editing.
  • Intuitive Drag & Drop – Just drag content elements, columns, or rows to the desired position and everything will instantly fall into place.
  • Over 150 pre-made blocks – Blocks are pre-made designs that you can add to your page, ready to be customized.
  • Global styling – You can change all texts that share the same properties in one go, as well.
  • Mobile Friendly – switch instantly to Mobile View mode, where you can make changes that will only apply to this type of device.
  • Over 4000 icons included – even the most demanding icon needs are covered

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5. Live Composer

A beautiful and responsive drag-drop builder which has the specialty to style pages via a front-end editor. After being familiar with the interface to create typical pages will be an easy task.


  • The main editor appears at the bottom of the page.
  • With the use of an editor, you are allowed to insert modules, style the page along with save and load templates.
  • Widgets can be injected as well within the page.
  • Dedicated pages like blog indexes and staff pages can be made by using the modules.

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6. Page Builder Sandwich

A simple-to-use front-end editor where you only have to click on the content that you want to edit, and then you can start typing.

Page Builder Sandwich - Top WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder Plugin


  • Its premium version offers a host of additional features including enhanced shortcode mapping controls and a carousel slider element.
  • You can simply paste the URL or embed the code to add videos to the builder.
  • A wide shortcode mapping database is an added advantage.
  • From this database, shortcodes of hundreds of plugins can be added, such as Jetpack and bbPress.

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7. Beaver

It is a flexible plugin that is compatible with any theme and allows fast cracking on your content. Design can be adapted even if you plan to modify the themes later on. You can instantly view the changes as the editor works on the front end itself.

  • Changes are visible in another tab with a standard WordPress install, while Beaver Builder offers time-saving by showing them in the same window.
  • A wide range of available modules adds much to the flexibility, comprising elements like headers, buttons, maps, and similar items.
  • It works on the front end of your WordPress website and you will have complete control of your site.
  • Creating pretty and professional pages in WordPress with this plugin is an easy task just like a simple drag and drop.

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Wrapping Up

Although WordPress is a simplistic platform to build blogs and websites, there are extended benefits attached with it. There are uncountable number of plugins and themes available with this open-source platform which can be used to optimize the website and improve its performance. The above Drag and drop page builder plugins are the useful components that allow flexibility with enhanced features. Most of them are free to download with certain features that can be extended if you can upgrade to the pro and premium versions. So, go ahead with this informative list and make the most of it.

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This blog is written by David Meyer who is a skilled dedicated WordPress developer associated with CSSChopper for a long time. He has a great interest in writing informative blogs about useful concepts related to WordPress comprising all the latest themes and plugins.

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