Ways to Create Chat Room in BuddyPress

You may decide to enable the chat room option for your users if you are creating a social website with BuddyPress. Due to BuddyPress’ lack of real-time communication capabilities, users cannot create chat rooms. Opting for a Buddypress plugin is the best solution¬†

Incorporating a BuddyPress Plugin into a BuddyPress website is easier than you think! Whether you are looking for a fully featured free or inexpensive BuddyPress chat room system/plugin or a way to implement a chat system similar to Facebook, allowing you to send any files, text chat, video, or voice calls, incorporating the plugin into a BuddyPress website is easy!

Let’s get into the BuddyPress chatroom creation process.

Create an all-in-one social network using BuddyPress

BuddyPress-powered websites can use AtomChat. All your chat-related questions will be answered with this BuddyPress group chat plugin.

The plugin can be installed yourself or our friendly support team can assist you. In either case, you’ll see your community grow as well as connect and collaborate!

AtomChat – works as a standalone messaging system for WordPress that can function as a replacement for default BuddyPress Messages. The plugin supports BuddyPress Messages and also presents a real-time private messaging system.

Install the AtomChat plugin for BuddyPress

You can find the Plugins section in the BuddyPress administrator area. Simply click the Add New button. Locate and select the AtomChat plugin from the plugin archive. The installation of the plugin will begin when you click on Install Now.

To install the plugin on your website, activate the plugin and follow these steps:

Floating over the navigating menu on the left and then pressing on the AtomChat tab will bring you to AtomChat. Enter the Authorization and License Keys. To activate AtomChat, select the Install option.

3 Easy Steps to Install AtomChat

Installing is very easy, follow these three steps:

  • Select a Strategy

To further understand AtomChat’s capabilities, start your 14-day free trial with either of the options.

  • Turn on AtomChat.

Install the AtomChat plugin in your WordPress Admin Dashboard and activate it.

  • You’ve completed your task.

Choose your BuddyPress Chat’s theme, languages, sound, and more.

AtomChat Features and benefits

The BuddyPress group chat plugin could be the last upgrade your website needs in this digital age of virtual interaction.

Adding a BuddyPress chat plugin to your social media site has various benefits.

  • Group conversations

The opportunity to stay connected with all of your clients at all times, to respond to their urgent questions, or to allow users to form their own chat groups to discuss shared interests or concerns. The focus is on group chats.

  • Online assistance is available.

Consult your customers without having to leave the site. Chat support differs from other channels of communication in terms of efficiency and ease of use. For any issue, the user does not have to contact the support manager via email or phone.

The client can do it without leaving the site using the online consultant tool. And, having received a prompt response to his question, he will indeed be pleased with the time and work saved. For your support team, you can create an infinite variety of service manager accounts.

  • Sharing files

Images, audio, video, documents, and even geolocations can all be shared! File types like.doc,.xlxs,.png,.jpg,.mp3,.mp4,.gif, and others can be uploaded and downloaded over the chat. The integrated file transfer interface is simple to operate. These files can be downloaded with only one click.

  • Email-notification

Rather than sending a notification for each new message, the plugin will organize them by category (read and unread).

Users will not receive messages that have previously been read.

If the user has been online for more than 10 minutes or has a tab open, he will not receive notifications.

  • Integration of languages

With real-time translation, your users can now interact with those who don’t speak their native language. From the admin panel, you can add your customized UI translations and set AtomChat to communicate with your users in their native language.


AtomChat¬†is the greatest website chat plugin and a fantastic free option for your site. It’s a website’s cloud chat software. The plugin is useful for those who like online group discussions on social networking, as well as cab services, delivery services, matchmaking agencies, and other platforms.

The major purpose is to offer members a fantastic and accessible live chat where they can swiftly exchange messages and get relevant information. It’s also a service for user communication and a live chat support tool.

It is appropriate for social networking sites, dating services, and other communities where providing users with a convenient way of communication is crucial.

Simply select one of these two possibilities.

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