Best WooCommerce Tab Plugins


Are you in Trouble of managing the content as well as product in your WooCommerce site? If yes then, this article is for addressing your problem. You can choose any of the best WooCommerce Tab plugins and organize your content. Tab helps in managing the content, display the content attractively and organize the site. Customers can find the content in no time and they do not have to scroll the long pages. Tabs increase the attractiveness and improve the conversion rate.

Let’s walk through some of the best WooCommerce Tab plugins for your WooCommerce site:

1. WooCommerce custom tabWooCommerce-custom-tab-plugin

WooCommerce custom tab plugin helps in publishing more information about your products. Different tab pages are available for detail product display. The shortcodes for showing galleries, product support forums and statistics are also available. The Tab handling is much easier as it has a WYSIWYG editor for custom content editing. The Tab page can be positioned in any place you like.


  • Content handling easy
  • WYSIWYG editor for custom content editing
  • Hide empty tabs
  • Shortcodes options
  • Tab page positioning

2. Ajax Tabs ajax-tabs

Ajax tabs help in displaying categories in tabs that attract visitors to your site. It supports four types of tabs positioning: left, right, top and button. You can choose the position the way you prefer. There are 4 starter websites along with 50 animation effects. The Tabs can be built as horizontal or vertical. It is easy to customize and the plugin is fully compatible with IE10, Opera, chrome, and safari.


  • 4 tab styles options
  • Fully responsive
  • Set plugin title and description
  • Set the number of row per column
  • Insert extra class
  • Show/hide category icon

3. Elegant Tabs for WooCommerceelegant-tabs-for-WooCommerce

Create custom product tabs and assign them to all products, hide the tab in the initial page. The dropdown is available on mobile due to the inability to fit on mobile devices because of complex design. It is an amazing Tab plugin that has an attractive font, allows visitors to switch tabs on hover. While loading the initial page Tab can be kept hidden. The icons can be chosen from WooCommerce tabs. The Tab can be set on mobile devices for easy access.


  • Create custom product tab
  • Improved font icon
  • Switch tab on hover
  • Hide tab on initial page load
  • Tabs accordion on mobile

4. WooCommerce My Account Tabswoocommerce-account-tab-plugin

If you want custom tabs in your account section then, WooCommerce My Accounts Tabs is the one. This plugin allows creating custom my account tab with ease, rename, reorder or even disable WooCommerce my account tabs. The customization of text is easy with the WYSIWYG editor. You can maintain the content of any type among 11 content types. More than 2 layouts, customization of text and background color options can make tab styling unique.


  • Create custom my account tabs
  • Rename, reorder and display account tabs
  • 3 layouts for tab styling
  • Use shortcodes
  • Limit tabs to specific user roles.

5. WooCommerce Tabs ProWooCommerce-tabs-pro

WooCommerce Tabs Pro helps you to build unlimited tab content for your customers. There is an option of custom product selector that means you can put any product and offer to customers. You do not need external FAQ plugin/ shortcodes, as well as files, can be uploaded directly to tab content. The built-in features include image gallery/slider, google map, inquiry form, and video gallery. The editing of Tab is much easy with the WYSIWYG editor.


  • 11 different tab types
  • Clean and responsive design
  • The sticky button tabs display
  • Display in carousel, list, grid and slider mode
  • Setting page with advanced options.

6. Ultimate Custom Product TabsWooCommerce-ultimate-tabs-plugin

Ultimate custom product tabs is an amazing plugin that helps to custom tab plugin based on your needs. This plugin allows you to create, rename, reorder as well as disable tabs and its category or even single product tabs. The global product is shown in all products. There are 11 tab callbacks available for the tabs. Over 100 options of setting, just Wow!


  • Rename, reorder and disable WooCommerce tabs
  • Create custom tabs
  • Set custom title, custom priority, and callback
  • Limit the number of products to be shown
  • Configure the number of columns to be shown

7. Custom Product Tabs Lite


Custom Product Tabs Lite is a clean and simple plugin that allows you to create a custom product tab in a single product page. The tab may contain text, videos or shortcodes and the tab will appear between the additional information and reviews tabs.


  • Custom tab to each product is easy to add.
  • Insert desired content into custom tabs to provide product specifications, shipping info or more
  • Create a video or marketing form as tabs support shortcodes or HTML content.

8. Product Tabs Manager


Create tabs for the product the way you want. You can create a single tab for all products or custom tabs for each product. You can also place the tabs in any order and use the WYSIWYG editor for custom product tabs.


  • Unlimited tabs for WooCommerce products
  • Sort and rename default WooCommerce tabs
  • Shortcodes and Html in tabs
  • Use drag and drop interface for sorting the tab.

9. YITH WooCommerce Tab ManagerYITH-woocommerce-plugin

Set a customizable tab in the product pages showing all information like instructions, documents, maps, gallery and many more. YITH WooCommerce Tab manager helps in improving product page usability by organizing information in a convenient way. Any content is supported by a plugin such as technical datasheets, videos, FAQs and many more. It also allows organizing the product data and information allowing visitors to know about the detail of the product before buying. Tabs also you to add promotions and custom offers as well as suggest products.


  • Change TABS positioning
  • Place an icon next to the tab name
  • Customization of the content of the tab
  • 8 Different layouts
  • Edit or delete WooCommerce tabs
  • WPML compatibility

10. WooCommerce Tab control proIgnite-WooCommerce

WooCommerce Tab control helps in having full customization of the tab and you can have full control over your product tabs. The tab editing, adding and removing Tab is quite easy. There are two tabs global and per-product tabs. The tabs content can be of any kind as you desire.


  • Creating custom Tabs are easy
  • Define a set of default tabs
  • Add/remove custom Tabs for a product
  • Rearrange the order of tabs with simple drag and drop features
  • Create global tabs and custom per-product tabs
  • Use most shortcodes in your custom tabs

Summing Up

A website layout and styling are important factors to retain customers on-site for a longer time. The tab plugin helps customers to locate the particular content they are looking for easily. We hope this collection will help you to choose the suitable one.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions let us know at the comment below.

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