How Does Google Remarketing Work for Small Businesses

According to a report published by Page Fair, more than 615 million devices worldwide are found using ad blocks. That represents a total of 30% of the technology-literate population in the world.

A high rate of ad-block users indicates that people altogether do not like ads.

However, a more recent study conducted by Hubspot reveals that it is not the ads that irritate the average individual using the Internet. It’s how much irrelevant those ads are to their requirements.

This irrelevancy has pushed the audience to the verge of using ad blockers for a better experience.

And to combat this irrelevancy, Google utilizes remarketing or retargeting to avoid such hassles.

What is Google Remarketing & How Does it Work?

It is a form of online advertising where a website shows targeted ads to users who have already visited that website. For example, if you were looking for a pair of shoes and you visited an e-commerce store; where it happens to be that the e-commerce store is running a Google Adword campaign as well, you will eventually start seeing more similar ads from the store on the Internet.

These ads can appear anywhere. They can be on Facebook, YouTube, News sites, or anywhere.

Marketers have understood the potential remarketing holds for every business on the block. Remarketing is a strategy that helps companies to increase conversion rates and enhance ROIs.

Why does Google Ad remarketing works? It’s because customers who have previously visited your website can more likely come back to your website for another purchase. It’s because they have faith in you.

The last time, they came around purchasing stuff at your store, they found what they were looking for. The product would’ve been of high quality and maybe, they wanted to shop more from you but your store name just wasn’t clicking.

An ad popping up reminded them of you and now they are here once again, making another purchase! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? That’s how it is.

How does it work?

Have you ever advertised on Google? Most companies prefer to invest budgets in experts from the best SEO Agency in Dubai to help them with their advertising efforts. It’s more reliable and secure.

Google pulls information on customers visiting your website through browser cookies. For that, a code is normally called a tag or a pixel.
Most advertisers add a piece of this code at the backend of their website and as a result, visitors can get added to their remarketing audiences from the cookies.

This code is pretty customizable which means that the advertiser can customize it for different pages. He or she can easily apply the code to different categories of his/her website pages and then push it.

To explain to you the whole thing more clearly, here is an example:

“Assume that you have recently started with an e-commerce website for survival equipment. While most of your items are getting good sales, paracords are getting the best ones. You want to use that product as a source of remarketing so your customers can come back to your store again and again. You can then create a separate target audience that is interested in purchasing something related to paracords such as paracord compasses. Now, as an advertiser, you can create highly targeted display ads and send them out to your visitors. You can draw your customers back and make a good amount.”

Things to Keep in Mind While Retargeting Your Audience

Retargeting your audience will require your thorough attention or else Google will soon run your bank account dry. Hence, you need to keep a few things in your mind before you invest in retargeting.

Make Your Target Market More Specific

When you’re starting your first marketing campaign, Google will recommend you set the audience to everyone who has visited the homepage of your website. Without realizing it, you will be making a grave mistake as it will increase your audience reach; at the same time, it will increase your ad budget.

When you will target your customers more narrowly, it will decrease your cost per click and create high-targeting ads for the relevant audiences. Suppose you are planning to sell a pair of shoes on your site.

Then you can design ads like

Opt-in for UpSell and Cross-Sell

If customers have already purchased an item for your e-commerce store before, there is a high chance that they are more likely interested in purchasing a similar product from your e-commerce store.

By creating a custom list of previously converted customers, you may reach out to a smaller group of individuals, but you will reach out to those customers who are familiar with the brand and can trust it.

To reach them with an offer, you can’t sell them the same product again. Instead, you can customize your ads to cross-sell or up-sell these individuals by offering them a related product.

Create Ads with Different Product Categories

If you want to sell more based on product categories, create a separate remarketing list specifically highlighting different product categories. You can use the URL for each list containing the category.

Imagine you are running an online clothing store where you are selling different products for men’s wear, women’s wear, kid’s wear, undergarments, etc.

With Google ad remarketing, you can show different ads to different customers shopping in a particular category. For example, men’s wear ads will show to people interested in purchasing men’s apparel whereas women’s will be shown to people interested in women’s apparel. In this way, people will choose what they are looking for in the right category.

Sell Your Stuff to Existing Audiences after a Certain Period

Don’t rush your ads to put them in front of the audience because that’s never going to be a great strategy. If you want to sell your stuff, make sure that you sell to the existing audience after some time.

Wait for at least 30 to 60 days before reselling.

For example, you have just sold an Xbox console through your store. Now, wait for at least 30-60 days before you start showing that converted customer game offers that he/she can play on Xbox.

So there you go, here are some interesting lessons learned from an SEO agency in Dubai. Several other marketing influencers are out there to help you understand how to fill up the gap.

One way or the other, educate yourself or hire a professional!

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