Why Should You Use WordPress to Build Your Next Website?

Considering the current Content Management System (CMS), creating a website has never been simpler. You can access features that simplify the task with the appropriate platform. There are numerous CMSs to select from. 

WordPress is the most accessible and popular framework for building your blog or website. It fuels nearly 43% of all websites. Whether you go through a news website, find an excellent betting app, or surf a shopping website, every one of the three websites you visit is likely to be powered by WordPress.

This article will discuss prominent reasons you must use WordPress for your future website.

  1. Open-Source Software

In simple words, open source signifies two things:

  • The platform is available for free. Moreover, as open-source software is unrestricted, it can be used for any project.
  • You can modify it however you like. With WordPress, you may access the CMS’s backend and change virtually any feature.

WordPress’s nature as an open source is also one of the key reasons many developers can make new resources for it and update it regularly. 

  1. Versatile and Flexible for All Projects

You may have noticed that WordPress is commonly regarded as a blogging framework. Technically, that is true. However, the flexibility of the CMS implies that it may be used for various tasks.

You can employ WordPress to expand your business, administer social media platforms, and establish virtual classrooms. Moreover, you may even run an online store for your small business using WordPress.

If you enjoy DIY, you can also relay data to other platforms via the WordPress REST API. Thus, you can also implement WordPress to support mobile applications and other exciting projects.

  1. Most Prominent CMS 

The 2021 WordPress statistics are extremely remarkable:

  • WordPress is utilized by 62% of the 100 fastest-growing organizations in the United States (Inc. 5000).
  • Over 500 new websites are built every day using the free edition of WordPress.org.
  • Every month, 70 million new blog articles are published using WP.

With such an enormous user base, you can rest assured that WordPress will continue to be developed for the foreseeable future. Thus, selecting this CMS guarantees you will always have access to upgrades that make your website more secure and provide new features.

In addition, there is a significant development community within the WordPress environment. For instance, WordPress.org provides access to over 55,000 plugins for no cost.

Similarly, there are dozens of themes to pick from, giving you complete control over your website’s appearance. 

  1. Scalability of Websites

Expanding is one of the most challenging components of managing a website. The more content you post and the more exposure you receive, the greater the demand on your content management system and, thus, the more traffic you generate.

Your CMS also plays a critical role in scalability. WordPress powers several of the most prominent websites on the Internet. For example, the White House, Microsoft News, BBC America, TED Blog, and Walt Disney are just a few notable names that WordPress powers. Hence, you can be assured that scalability won’t be an issue.

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