14 Types of WordPress Plugins Required For Business Development

Many owners of start-up businesses or owners who covet to expand their business look for the right plugin suggestions. It is important to note that having an accurate set of tools can help you to take your business to a new outstanding level. Going through this paragraph, you must be thinking ‘Ah, another best plugins blog’ floating on the internet.

Why not though? After all, WordPress websites are popular for their flexibility. You do not have to be an expert coder; even a novice can create a cool-looking site. Plugins help greatly to enhance the functionality of your site which ultimately leads to your business growth.

However, know that it is a sloppy path as you do not want to use all of them. It can slow down your PC speed and you might end up breaking unacceptable things. So, what types of WordPress plugins are beneficial to generate or increase business profit? Read ahead to know about the few most effective plugins you should have for business development.


Quiz and Survey Master is a fantastic contact form plugin that enables you to create quizzes and surveys on your WordPress website. It is used and trusted by 40,000+ users. The plugin has functioned by helping users create engaging content. You can create everything from viral quizzes, trivia quizzes, and customer satisfaction surveys to employee surveys.

Responsive Menu 

Responsive Menu is a highly customizable plugin for WordPress that enables you to enhance navigation on mobile devices. This plugin lets you convert your current theme menu into a mobile-ready, fully W3C-compliant responsive design in seconds. Users can add menus to tables in the most appropriate and functional way using this plugin. You will get 150 customizable options along with a combination of 22,500 options!


Projectopia is the best-selling WordPress Project Management Tool. This plugin will help you run your business and/or project efficiently and effectively by providing almost every tool that you need to have proper communication with your client and team members. You can also get premium Add-Ons to use the additional features on your website. The plugin enables you to set priority for each task in the most systematic and organized way.

Gutena Newsletter 

Gutena Newsletter is one of the responsive and professional subscribe block and connect Mailchimp plugins that enables you to add an amazing Newsletter block to your website’s posts and pages. This plugin is suitable for all kinds of users as it is really simple, easy to use, and has a fantastic customization option with enriched features. It supports Mailchimp in the most convenient way. Also, it doesn’t have jQuery, so your website will appear amazingly and fast on the user’s end. 

Gutena Accordion 

Gutena Accordion is an amazing Professional WordPress plugin that enables its users to make a responsive collapsible FAQ section easily inside the block editor. As this amazing plugin uses no jQuery it is lightweight in nature. Your website will have an amazing optimized speed with the use of this plugin. Moreover, you can have full control over the look and feel of a collapsible FAQ section when you use this plugin. The plugin is fully responsive so your FAQ section will appear immediately and in a visually appealing way across all devices. 

Gutena Tabs 

Gutena Tabs is one of the most simple WordPress plugin that enables you to add tabs to optimize and categories in the website content. You can also create your own beautiful tabs for posts and pages. The plugins really easy to use and simple to customize. Create create different tabs that looks amazing and fit into design of your own brand and website. You can create as many tabs as you want to! If you want to add icons to your tab, you can do that as well. Have absolute and complete control over the look and feel of the tabs.

Gutena PhotoFeed 

Gutena PhotoFeed is one of the best Free Instagram Gallery WordPress plugins that enables you to display your Instagram photo in a gallery. All you need to do is set the number of images that you want to display. Despite being a Free WordPress plugin, it has all features and functionalities like a premium plugin that will make your process to add an Instagram gallery on posts and pages ten times easier.  You can simply pull the Instagram images to your website using an Instagram access token. 

Gutena Recent Post Tag 

Gutena Recent Post Custom Tag is a plugin that enables you to add a custom tag to your recent posts. Not only that you can add a custom tag on must-read, featured posts, hot, top new popular, and much more without any hassle. It has the option to translate your “Gutena Recent Post Custom Tag” into your own language. The active and professional support team will help you out as and when you need them! Moreover, it is really easy to use and simple to set up. The customization option is what makes this plugin one of the best options for both beginners and professionals. 


When you commence a business, you want it to spread as much as possible. The key to spreading your business is your customers. So, as an owner, letting your customers contact you would be your priority. WPForms is the best contact form plugin for WordPress any beginner can use.

The drag-and-drop online form builder helps you to create contact forms easily. Also, Creating payment forms, subscription forms, order forms, and many other types of online forms is convenient and a few clicks away.


One of the most renowned plugins is OptinMonster. It has been featured in many famous magazines and websites such as Forbes, Huffington, Entrepreneur, and also in Yahoo’s small business section. This plugin can convert your visitors into subscribers or customers through a highly-converting pop-up form. It is accepted as an amazing tool that converts countless visitors and grows email lists.

OptinMonster permits you to separate the visitors based on personal preferences and location. Moreover, it can be used to make accurate decisions derived from the collected data as well as improve conversion rates. The prices vary between the two different packages. Basic and, that you can get as per your requirements.

Google Analyticator

A highly popular and utterly free plugin has already millions of downloads. It helps you to view all of your Google Analytics details directly within the dashboard of WordPress. You do not have to edit the template code just to start the logging procedure, and that’s the reason it stands out of the sea of other similar products. It is well-equipped with various handy widgets and it can be utilized to exhibit the data on the website and in the admin panel.


MonsterInsights is an excellent plugin for Google Analytics for WordPress. By enabling you to connect the site with Google Analytics, it supports you to know more about the visitors arriving on your website. Thus, you can get to know from where are they coming and what are they up to on your site. It makes your task easier as you can easily optimize the website and bring up the earnings. Its free version is available in the market; however, you can use its Pro version for better advantages.

WP Popup Plugin

It assists you to create highly-efficient pop-ups and it either features a subscriber form or a notification message. When it comes to attracting your users to subscribe to the newsletter or ensuring that they are reminded about the brand, the pop-ups here are expeditious. It also informs the subscribers about the services you provide and the product your offer to the customers. It comes free just like OptinMonster and you can also get paid for variety.

Yoast SEO

One of the most classic WordPress plugins, it was previously known as WordPress SEO by Yoast. It is believed to be providing prominent search engine optimization. This requisite plugin is utilized for several tasks and it excels it all. You can analyze content for the right keywords, and edit meta descriptions, and page titles.

In addition, you can form robots meta information and ensure the readability of your content as well as clean up permalinks. Based on the number of websites you need to use the plugin on, you can get a free or paid version of Yoast SEO.

W3 Total Cache

Another plugin focusing on SEO is particularly used to enhance the performance of your WordPress blog. It can else improve your website by merging different features like networks for content delivery which decreases the loading time of your pages. Most developers suggest installing this plugin as soon as you set up your WordPress website. It makes your website pages load faster and betters user experience in long run by drawing more visitors to the website.

Loading pages quickly and intensifying overall user experience are the major factors for getting ranked on Google. Hence, using this plugin heightens the chances of your website getting a superior rank position on Google.

Constant Contact

Just like social media marketing, email marketing is a thing you must consider while you are developing your business. This Constant Contact is one of the widely used plugins that helps you to construct a list of emails and send emails to your subscribers. This email marketing formula works wonders for small businesses seeking growth and the Constant Contact is simply an impressive option you should choose.

It has a quick and easy setup and thus, it is greatly in demand by beginners. It is available with built-in tools that allow you to add signup forms. The plugin also goes well with generation software such as OptinMonster.


Security of the website has always been the biggest concern of any online business owner. As you expand your business, the number of visitors would increase and so would the hacking hazard. Sucuri web application firewall is one of the best shelters your website can have to save itself from threats.

It monitors your website integrity, scans server sides, audits all the activity happening on your WordPress site, and creates alerts right away. It can alert you through email, Twitter, SMS, and RSS when it identifies Malware or a threat. With this facility, you would be the first one to know about a hack (If it ever happens).

Gravity Forms

Again a plugin is one of the most preferred forms of plugins; it is believed that there are numerous WordPress plugins but none of them have as many features as Gravity Forms. It has unbelievably numerous plugins that can be extended and integrated into CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems like SalesForce, InfusionSoft, and Highrise.

Most of the add-on of Gravity Forms is free so you do not have to spend much on that. However, the original tool is not free but, you can subscribe to it to avail the benefits.


Maintained by Automattic, the company that founded WordPress, it ensures that your website is in good hands. Any growing online business would need to combat spam. Akismet does it skillfully yet simply by pulling out all the spam comments into spam so that you can delete and destroy them.

Once you get this tool, you would not have to worry about the bombardment of spam comments as there would be none. Once you get the assigned key, you can enter it in the Akismet settings of your website and say adios to spam. It is free and that is the cherry on the cake.

Really simple Captcha

It is indeed the simplest plugin. CAPTCHA word is a short form for a Completely Automated Public Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It makes sure that only a real human is filling in your web forms. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that the Captcha does not work solely and it needs the assistance of other plugins.

This really simple Captcha now combines itself with plenty of plugins across a vast range of themes. The top-notch benefits of having Really simple Captcha are:

– it blocks spam emails and – prevents spam comments on your WordPress website.


When you think of security, there could be no better option than having a trustworthy backup system. Every website of an online business requires to have a way of backing up data regularly. Website backups must be secured and recoverable in a stipulated time and exactly that is what BackupBuddy does for your site.

As an online business proprietor, you certainly cannot afford to lose any data about your business or customers in case of a hardware failure. The first thing you are supposed to do is set up a backup plugin on your WordPress site. BackupBuddy is the most encompassing backup plugin as it has a galore of useful handy features. The best portion of this plugin is, you can recover any lost data in a matter of minutes.

404 Redirected

One thing to mark is, most online business owners do not monitor many of their broken links as they should. Broken pages show SEO and business problems for your site. It would be completely your loss as neither would your potential customers stay on your website as soon as they notice a 404 error nor would Google pass Page-Rank to your 404 page.

404 Redirected plugin displays all URLs that return 404 errors. It also allows you to 301 redirect those errors to actual pages on your site. It would help to redirect traffic to the suitable content as well as pass the Page-Rank to the appropriate pages.

Final words

So, that was probably more than you thought you know about plugins for your online business site. There are some paid and some free plugins. Paid ones are not that expensive if you purchase them with discount codes from online coupons & deals websites.

What to do next? Well, take the samples or trials and experiment on your websites. There is nothing to lose as you would get to know what you really need and which plugin would be the best for your site. These are some of the WordPress plugins you should start using as soon as possible. It would intensify the performance of your sites and make your life easier.

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