6 Secrets to Creating Captivating Business Logos for your WordPress Website

Do you have a WordPress website that requires a great business logo? A captivating business logo can be an amazing addition to your WordPress website and adds value to your business.

A well-put-together logo is a rewarding representation of the business’ image. The design process does not require you to have a creative mind. You only need to have an eye for detail, and you can come up with an image iconic image that is your company’s brand identity.

It is worth noting and appreciating the fact that the logo development process can prove to be a challenge and at times a complicated one.

As such, there is a need for some proper thought going into the creation, and this can be time-consuming and hurt your business.

Tools such as the Designhill logo maker can provide a lot of the benefits nowadays of a handmade logo. The tool is an inexpensive way to create a very good logo for your business and uses complex AI to create something apt for your business.  It’s free to use and only pay when you have finalized a logo you love.

Given this, below are six secrets to coming up with a log for your startup that stands outs.


Every logo should exude a sense of uniqueness, and that is why the many that are out there come in different styles and detailing. The varieties range from logos done in images, others have purely done in text, and others a combination of the two. What you need is to strike a balance with the information you wish to display; work with short descriptions and avoid complicated images.

You should have the logo represent your company accurately. Overall, the need to observe relevancy is governed by striving to come up with a logo that is punchy as it is readily associated with what it represents. For that, the content should be relevant to your business so that you do not waste space or time with inept content.


Remember the logo is a visual identity and thus it should be an image that makes a lasting impression and is readily associated with your startup. Therefore, it should communicate the right message to your clients or customers. As such, it should be visually correct and be an accurate and positive representation of your business.

As the brand identity, the logo should have colors that space the desired feeling in people since different colors are associated with different emotions and objects. Therefore, put some thought into the kind of meaning you want to put forth in your logo using colors. Make your choice not solely based on how good the color look, but also on the emotions and ideas it evokes in people.

For instance:

  • Red is a bold choice linked with love and passion but can also be associated with courage and anger.
  • green is natural and thus easily related to prosperity and nature
  • Orange is a color that people associated with energy and happiness, it will be an excellent choice if you are thinking of making your log look and feel playful.

Opt For Black White

Regarding the matter of color, opting to work with black and white can still be an option that avails much. It is possible to achieve the perfect logo while all you are working with is white or just black. With such a choice, you have more avenues to play with concerning the design possibilities. But do keep in mind the overall impact of the lack of variety in color and tone.

Media Showcase

As you delve deeper into the kind of logo you want for your startup, put some thought into how it will work across various media. You may get inspiration and ideas for the log from different places and sources such as the internet, billboards, or magazines. And the same sources may be where your logo winds up as you put to marketing your business; therefore, consider the different media and how the logo will appear on each – it can go on everything from a website to exhibition stands.

Image how the logo will look on a billboard vs. a poster and how it will look when you scale it down for a business card. Are the details too much that they merge into each other? Is the text readable? In short, you need to pay close attention to some of the elements to ensure they are of the right size and result in something that showcases uniformity and perfection across all media.

Less Is More

If you review many of the top companies around the world and take a closer look at their business logos, you will note that nearly all of them are simple. Nike, Microsoft, Apple, and McDonald’s to name a few, are some of the perfect examples of companies with logos that exude simplicity but still manage to be the ideal representation of the business’s image. Their logos do not have crazy illustrations or intricate details. They have basic shapes and minimal text and one or two colors. While your creative process is not expected to adhere to such, keeping things simple can be the easiest and most efficient way of coming up with a logo that is the ideal brand identity for your startup.

Go For Something Original And memorable

Lastly, strive to come up with something original. It does not need to have text for it to state what it represents. For instance, Adidas, Pepsi, And Nike logos are images that can be instantly recognizable and associated with their respective companies. If you have a business slogan, then formulate something based on that motto; an image that sums up the slogan and what your startup is about. However, keep in mind that this is easier said than done especially when you also need to create a memorable logo.

Regarding memorability, review some of the outstanding logos of big companies in the world. Study their design and try to identify what makes them so striking then see if you can implement some of the features and styles to the logo you wish to create; play around with different possibilities as you try to come up with something memorable.

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