How to Add a Free Live Chat in WordPress

Let’s get to know ‘What is a Free Live Chat?’ The software that allows customers and support teams to interact in real-time is known as Free Live Chat. Adding this function, communication can be done in a smooth and effective way. After adding this plugin, the site will engage more traffic by solving and answering a lot of questions. The website owner will be able to answer the questions instantly. The best part is that it is free. So it reduces the cost and makes work done in an effective way.

Features Offered by Free Live Chat on WordPress Website  

  • Beautiful Widgets can be Fixed on the Website.
  • Make Customers more convenient.
  • Similarly, it provides extensive documentation that helps to make a lot of software.
  • Increases Sales by using a plugin for free live chat.
  • In fact, It enables the site owner to know the problem of the customers easily and much more. 

Add a Free Live Chat in WordPress

  • Among thousands of plugin options, we will be using WP Live Chat Support. In order to Install this plugin, first, click on the button Plugins >> Add New. Search for the plugin. Similarly,  After being able to see the plugin Click on the button Install Now >> Activate. Some beginners have confusion while installing a plugin so go through installing a new plugin.



  • Now Live Chat Option will appear at the left bar of the page. Then, click on the button Settings to make the required changes. Firstly, we will make changes in the General Settings. Next, to the Chat enabled option Choose ‘Yes’ and Choose the Required Chat Box Fields. In fact, there are different options and also an option to choose No fields. Likewise, Fill the space for the Default visitor name and type the keyword for Input Field Replacement Text



  • Similarly, Choose the option to enable or disable the feature. In order to enable it to tick the button next to the option. Leave the option Empty in order to disable the feature as shown in the screenshot below. 



  • Now, head towards Quick Response Option. Choose the option to order by Title, Date, or Number in ascending or descending order. Choose the option to Enable Voice Notes on the admin side or visitor side as per your choice. In fact, In order to enable Google Analytics Integration, Tick on button option next to it. 



  • In Advanced Settings, make changes in the Open chat window via, the Click and Class option. Choose the appropriate environment as per your choice. Make changes in Long poll setup interaction and slide between interactions. Similarly, In order to enable the ‘Powered by’ link in the chat box, tick the box next to this option.  



  • Lastly, make changes in the Chat Transcript Settings. Here you can make changes to the chat transcript, sending the chat transcript, its chat end, email body, header, and footer. After making all the changes don’t forget to Click on the button Save Settings. 
  • Similarly, you can make changes in all the remaining options as per the need of the site’s owner, customers, and visitors. 



Wrapping Up: 

Adding a Live Chat in WordPress helps to convince customers to purchase your product. Increasing sales and traffic can be done easily by enabling this feature on the site. Doing it by using a plugin is the easiest method as it doesn’t require any kind of coding knowledge. Make your site loyal and active among different users. Hope the information was useful. Please leave your questions, recommendations, and suggestion in the comment section below.

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