How to Bulk Delete WordPress Posts?

“Why do we need to Bulk Delete WordPress Posts?” When the post content must be changed to add the new ones. We need to Bulk Delete WordPress posts, pages, attachments, users, and meta fields. Bulk Delete makes a site more attractive, and effective by removing unnecessary posts. It makes the site even more appealing. It removes all trash increases your site appearance and makes a site, even more, SEO Friendly.

Importance of Bulk Delete WordPress Posts:

  • Makes the site lightweight.
  • Reduces loading speed.
  • Performs crucial functions timely.
  • Removes all the unnecessary strains from the site.
  • Makes more sites more impressive and SEO Friendly.
  • Maintain the site in a well way.

Bulk Delete WordPress Posts without Plugin

  • First of all, login to the Dashboard of your WordPress Site. There click on the button Posts. Among the different options, click on the All Posts page. Click on the bulk select box to select all the pages displayed on a page.




  • Users can simply click on the button Bulk select and choose the articles, blogs, and posts that they are willing to delete. Before deleting it would be better if, users will check whether to delete which posts before the final decision.  



  • For the posts which you don’t want to delete don’t click on them or unclick the button of the particular post. In the option of Bulk Actions, Users can find an option ‘Move to trash’. Click on the button to delete the selected posts.


  • Click on the Apply Button to delete the selected posts. All the selected posts will move to the Trash.
  • Select/Click on the button Screen Options at the top of your page and choose the number of items per page that you want to delete. On View Mode, Users should choose whether to List View or Excerpt View. Enter the number on the option Number of items per page. At the end don’t forget to click on the button Apply to fix all the changes that you have made.




Wrapping Up

Do you want to Bulk Delete WordPress Posts? Then, here is the easiest way to do so without the use of any plugin. Even, WP Beginners can Delete WP Posts through the guidance of this tutorial within a few easy couple of steps. Hope the information was useful to you. Viewers can leave the recommendations below.

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