6 Excellent WordPress Hosting Providers to Consider in 2023

If you are reading this article, you most probably want to take your website or blog to the next level by getting a suitable hosting provider that meets all of your present needs.

However, you may have realized that there are so many providers to choose from. Before you get overwhelmed by their sheer volume, allow us to help you. But, before going to that list, here are a few terms to understand that you will come across when researching hosting providers.

Terms to Familiarize Yourself With

  1. Speed – This refers to how much time is taken before you receive the first byte from a server. If your server loads in 200 to 350 ms, it’s considered fast. If it takes between 400 and 700 ms, it’s average. If your server takes any more time than that, it’s considered slow.
  2. Customer service – You will undoubtedly encounter problems occasionally with your website. You need to pick a hosting provider with quality customer support and whose customer care personnel responds promptly.
  3. Uptime – The uptime, written as a percentage, refers to the amount of time that your website is up and running on the hosted server. You want this percentage to be high, and some hosting providers have uptimes of up to 99.9%.
  4. Shared hosting – This type of hosting is commonly used by bloggers and beginners. Your website is hosted alongside multiple other websites on a single physical server.
  5. Managed hosting – This type of hosting refers to when the hosting provider will lease an entire server to a client. The hosting provider then manages these systems on the client’s behalf.
  6. VPS hosting – A VPS is a Virtual Private Server. When you pick VPS hosting, you get the privacy and control afforded to managed servers while still using a shared server.
  7. Dedicated Server hosting – Just like in managed hosting, you get to lease a server on a contract from the hosting provider. However, in this case, you will manage it yourself, and you have full control.
  8. Free hosting – In this case, the hosting provider hosts you for free. However, because it is a business and the company has to make money, in most cases, the hosting provider will run ads on your website.

6 Hosting Providers to Consider

When you have a WordPress website, you have to have a good hosting provider and provide good, professionally written content. If you use a write my essay service to get good content, which may include white papers, blog articles, various essays, ads, emails, etc., all that’s left is the host.

The next step may be easier said than done as you have to find a hosting provider and migrate your website to their servers. You may have to do this several times until you find the right one. However, you can shorten this trial period significantly by testing out some of the providers listed below.


This is a WordPress-recommended hosting provider and one of the most popular hosting providers in the world. They are a great option for beginners. Their basic package offers one of the cheapest hosting options for beginners. Each of its packages has some perks you can take advantage of. WordPress installation is straightforward, and so is migration. They have great offers, and you get a free domain name and a free SSL with each package.


  • This website is officially recommended by WordPress.
  • You will find it extremely straightforward to set up your website.
  • Some of their packages offer a staging site where you can run your plugins and run other tests before officially launching any changes.
  • You get free migration with most plans, free SSL, and a free domain name.
  • Their customer care is fantastic, and you can contact them through phone or live chat.
  • Strong uptime and speed.
  • They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • You can’t pay for hosting on a month every month plan that doesn’t offer free site transfer.
  • Their customer service may be slow sometimes.

WP Engine

This hosting provider offers excellent managed hosting solutions and is therefore used by some impressive clients like National Geographic and Yelp. This hosting provider does not aim for the majority of websites but for those looking for extra bandwidth, storage, security, and site speed with their website. For that reason, beginners and websites that are just starting may be better off with other hosting providers as some of the features offered by this powerful hosting provider may be overkill for their website.


  • Your website will have excellent uptime.
  • They have great customer care services.
  • They offer to back up your website daily.
  • They have great security measures in place and will monitor and protect you against real-time threats.
  • They have a great staging area.
  • You can choose between Google Cloud Platform ad Amazon Web Services cloud hosting.


  • Customers on the startup plan may have limited phone support.
  • You don’t get an email with your website.
  • They don’t sell domains.
  • To optimize their speeds, you may not be allowed to install some WordPress plugins.
  • You will not get an unmanaged hosting option with them.


If you are looking for a website that focuses on security, reliability, and performance, this may be the hosting provider for you. What’s more, if you have a green thumb, you can rest easy as this is one of the most if not the most eco-friendly hosting providers out there. They have a 300% energy commitment, and they keep it by channeling three times their energy use back into the grid as renewable energy. You will get automatic software and plugin updates, a free domain, free backups, and great security.


  • They have fast web performance as you get SSD storage.
  • You will get free site migration, free SSL, and a free domain name.
  • You can try them risk-free as they have a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • You can pay for your website monthly.
  • You get automatic updates for both software and plugins.
  • They are a very environmentally friendly company.


  • They do not have any managed hosting plans.
  • If you are just a beginner, you may find their starting prices to be a bit expensive.
  • Renewal prices aren’t low.
  • If you decide to pay for your website monthly, you may need to pay a one-time setup fee.


GoDaddy is another great hosting provider with some cheap plans and offering great features. They have great speeds and uptimes. They offer a one-click installation for several applications, including WordPress. Their cheapest plan has some great features like 100 GB of storage and an unmetered bandwidth besides getting a free domain. Of course, there are even more perks with the more expensive plans.


  • Their basic plan is great for beginners.
  • They have good customer support, particularly for calls.
  • Installation for the website is simple.
  • They have excellent uptime and speed.


  • Some missing features with their basic plan include an SSL certificate and site migration.
  • You may have to get a longer contract to benefit from their discounts.
  • Renewal costs are much higher.
  • Customer support via chat may be slower than calling.
  • No cloud hosting.


If you have read many such articles, you know that this hosting provider has built quite a reputation for itself. It’s so good that it is another WordPress-recommended website. They offer you a managed WordPress website at great price points. There are different packages to pick from, each with various features. For example, some packages have a staging area, SSL certifications, and free PCI compliance. The built-in WordPress installer makes installing your WordPress site a breeze, and they have a customer support center ready and willing to walk you through any problems you may encounter.


  • Stable speeds and good uptimes for your website.
  • They offer free site migration.
  • They are officially recommended by WordPress.
  • You get a free SSL certificate with some packages.
  • There are features that anyone from beginner level to advanced can take advantage of.
  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Their renewal rates are relatively higher than their starter rates.
  • They have no free plan, and their cheapest plan is limited.
  • You cannot get a free domain name.
  • If you chose to pay monthly, you would have to pay a startup fee.


If age counts for anything, then this hosting provider has been providing consistently good service for over 20 years. They have a shared hosting plan that works well with WordPress. They have several plans to pick from, and they come with unlimited bandwidth and storage space. When you invest in the plans, you get a 97-day money-back guarantee allowing you to test them out risk-free.


  • They have great speeds.
  • Their uptime is above average.
  • They have one of the best money-back guarantees offers at 97 days.
  • Their cheapest plans have a lot to offer and are packed with many useful features.
  • You get unlimited network transfer limits and disk space.
  • They are a green hosting website.
  • You won’t get exorbitantly high renewal fees with them.


  • Their customer support could be better, particularly live chats.
  • They don’t use cPanel, which may be confusing and tedious for old users.
  • They don’t offer free migration. You have to pay for it.

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