Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins for your website

Today we will discuss the collection of the Best Free WordPress Mega Menu Plugins for enhancing the functionality of your default WordPress menu and making it professional and user-friendly.

A navigation menu is an important element of any type of website. It plays a pivotal role in guiding your visitors to different locations on your website. By doing so, you can significantly reduce your site’s bounce rate and enhance the user experience of your website. Moreover, a fully functional and easy-to-navigate WordPress menu can make your website more usable and accessible to your visitors.

WordPress, being a flexible platform for its users comes with an inbuilt menu along with customization options. However, the options provided by WordPress in its default navigation menu are limited and may not be able to hold large contents of your websites. So, if you have a website with large content and want to display all of it on your navigation panel, then you can upgrade your inbuilt WP menu into a mega menu with the help of WordPress Mega Menu Plugins.

Mega menus are expandable menus in which different content of the website is displayed in a two-dimensional drop-down layout. It stores the information and contents of the website in such a way that the navigation of your site will become easier and more effective.

Some of the Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins

Now, let’s talk about some of the best free WordPress mega menu plugins that I have handpicked according to their functionality, usability, and download ratio. These plugins are well-tested and contain quality features to upgrade the default menu into stunning mega menus.

Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress – AP Mega Menu

AP Mega Menu
AP Mega Menu

AP Mega Menu Pro is a Free Mega Menu WordPress Plugin for adding mega menus and flyout menus to your website. It consists of powerful features along with vertical and horizontal layouts. Also, the plugin is easy to use and has digitized and drag-and-drop menu builder options. That means you can easily several widgets column-wise and configure them as per your preference.

AP Mega Menu is a flexible WordPress plugin that provides you with 8 pre-designed skins for creating the mega menu/flyout menu on your WordPress website. Besides, you can also create custom template designs for each menu you create.

Major Features of AP Mega Menu Pro

  • Supports Flyout or Mega Menu sub-menu styles
  • Widgetized Mega Menu with Visual Builder Drag and Drop Position Method
  • 8 Pre Available Skins or Custom Template Designs for Mega Menu/Flyout Menus
  • Mega Menu with horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Fade or Slide Transitions
  • Hover or Click the Trigger Effect to Open Menus
  • Menu Icon Settings
  • Custom Settings Options to display a featured image or default custom image

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WP Mega Menu


WP Mega Menu is the ultimate WordPress plugin for building a stunning mega menu on your WordPress website. It comes with quality features that let you add and customize multiple menus on your WordPress website along with various animation effects and trigger options.

It is an easy-to-use WP plugin that contains a drag-and-drop menu panel for easy creation of your menu. Additionally, you can add various widgets and icons on the menu bar to make your menu look attractive to your visitors.

Major Features of WP Mega Menu

  • Drag and drop menu builder panel
  • Widgets in menu
  • Multiple themes/skins option
  • Export/import themes
  • Social icons
  • Search bar in the menu
  • Menu labeling/badge, ex: hot, new, etc
  • Dashicons and Font Awesome icon support

For additional features, you can upgrade to its premium version: the WP Mega Menu

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Max Mega Menu


Max Mega Menu is a Free WordPress Mega Menu Plugin that converts your existing WP menu into a mega menu. It comes with a drag-and-drop menu builder that lets you create your custom mega menu for your WordPress website. Additionally, you can also add suitable widgets on the created (recently added) mega menu and display them elegantly on your WordPress website.

Max Mega Menu is a complete menu management plugin that comes with a theme editor for restyling and changing the behavior of your menu using the built-in settings. Besides, you can also add different trigger options and transition effects to open your submenu on your WordPress website.

Major Features of Max Mega Menu

  • Builds upon the standard WordPress menu system
  • Supports multiple menu locations each with its configuration
  • Display WordPress Widgets in your Menu
  • Theme Editor for Customizing Your Menu Styles
  • Various SubMenu Trigger Option
  • Different SubMenu Transition Options
  • Add icons to menu items
  • Menu item options including Hide Text, Disable Link, Hide on Mobile, etc

For additional features, you can upgrade to its premium version: Max Mega Menu Pro.

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WordPress Mega Menu – QuadMenu


Quad Menu is a Free Mega Menu Plugin for your WordPress website that easily lets you integrate the menu into your theme project. Using this plugin, you can create mega menus, tab menus, and carousel menus simply and natively to convert your existing WP menu into a powerful navigation tool.

Quad Menu is a fully responsive plugin that can create menus that fit any screen size. Besides, the plugin also contains drag and drop admin panel for creating an unlimited number of mega menus in a few clicks.

Major Features of QuadMenu

  • Automatic and manual menu integration
  • Build extending the standard WordPress Menu system
  • Supports multiple menu locations
  • Drag and Drop admin builder
  • Display WordPress Widgets in your menu
  • Unlimited Menu Themes
  • Sticky Menu
  • Show or hide items depending on the screen size

For additional features, you can upgrade to its premium version: QuadMenu – Theme Developer Mega Menu

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Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress – EasyMega


EasyMega is a Free Mega Menu WordPress Plugin for creating beautiful mega menus on your WordPress website. It is built with a live customizer system that allows you to fetch the preview of your mega menu before placing it on your website. Besides, the comes with drag and drop menu builder for the easy creation of the mega menus.

It is a responsive plugin that comes with responsive pre-designed magazine and builder layouts. So, for creating the menu you can use the inherent theme or the pre-designed layouts. Moreover, the plugin also comes with 6 animation display effects for displaying your mega menu elegantly to your visitors.

Major Features of EasyMega

  • Builds with Customizer System
  • Option to Fetch Live Preview
  • Drag and Drop Mega Menu Builder
  • Various Pre-Designed Layouts
  • Inherit Menu from Theme
  • Custom Responsive Breakpoint
  • 6 Animations Effect Available
  • Custom Mega Menu Contents

For additional features, you can upgrade to its premium version: Easy Mega Pro.

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Bonus Plugin

Free Responsive Off-Canvas Menu Plugin for WordPress – 8Degree Fly Menu Lite

8Degree Fly Menu Lite
8Degree Fly Menu Lite

8 Degree Fly Menu Lite is a free WordPress menu plugin that allows you to add an off-canvas menu style to your site with easy information and quick navigation. It makes use of the default WordPress menu function to create menus. You can add additional elements to the default menu items such as menu icons, menu taglines, a pseudo grouping header, and a long description. With this user-friendly plugin, you can enhance the functionality of your site and make it look more appealing.

Major Features of 8Degree Fly Menu

  • Use as Menu or Content
  • Unlimited Fly Menus
  • Integrated with WordPress Menu
  • Side Menu and Skew Menu
  • Custom Icons Support
  • Multiple Flyouts per Page
  • Easy Build Menu
  • Different Menu Positions (left or right)

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Wrapping Up

Mega Menu Plugins are very useful for creating beautiful menus for good user experience to your website where they can find the thing in navigation. Good looking and feel is mainly important these days because if your website is not professional and appealing the visitors do not take it seriously. So it’s one of the most important tools to take you site instantly to next level.

Hope the article is helpful for you to find a perfect WordPress Mega Menus plugin for your website. If you have any recommendation, suggestion or feedback regarding the article you can write us in the comment box below. Also, if there are any WordPress mega menu plugins that you think is needed to be included on the list then let us know.

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