How to increase eCommerce Conversion Rate in WordPress? (11 Best Tips)

Do you run an eCommerce store? And are you trying to increase the eCommerce conversion rate of your store? If yes, then you’ve found the perfect guide.

Everyone wishes to get a large percentage of visitors to become customers. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. By saying this, you don’t need to be panicked at all. We’re here for you!

In this post, we’ve come up with some of the best eCommerce conversion tips. With these tips, we believe that your conversion rate will skyrocket.

So, let’s jump into it!

What is an eCommerce Conversion Rate?

Before we go any further, let’s first understand what eCommerce conversions are. Conversion is when a website visitor buys your product. Hence, a visitor turned into a customer.

Increase ecommerce conversion rate.

Similarly, the conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that visit your website and that convert.

However, it’s important to note that conversion can be anything based on business goals and objectives. Among them, the most common one is making a purchase.

So, let’s take an example. If 100 people visit your website daily, and 5 of them purchase the product. Then your conversion rate would be 5%.

Nowadays, popular and best eCommerce platforms provide awesome features and tools to optimize conversion. But you should know how to implement them.

So, here we present to you some highly effective and actionable conversion tactics for eCommerce.

12 Tips to Increase your eCommerce Conversion Rate

The main aim of eCommerce sites is to earn a profit. But running an online business successfully isn’t an easy task. There are a bunch of competitors with the same goal of maximizing profit. And to stand out from those is itself a challenge.

A high-traffic website is also of no use when nobody is buying from you. You should be able to convert those visitors into actual paying customers. So, conversion rate optimization is essential.

Here, we listed the 12 best tips and tricks that will make your website convert better.

1. Use Eye-Catching Homepage

Nobody likes a poor site, a homepage that looks terrible, and even a bigger no. Your site’s homepage decides whether they will stay or leave. It’s the first thing that appears, and you don’t want them to go away within milliseconds.

Website information should be revealed through its homepage and shouldn’t create confusion for visitors. It isn’t effective if visitors have to scroll till the last and don’t even know what the store is all about.

2. Include Quality Product Images

By viewing the product image, a visitor purchases a product. A potential buyer scans a product very carefully before going for it. So, it’s crucial to showcase your products beautifully using high-quality images. Images that are blurry and low in resolution aren’t a good option at all.

Along with the high-resolution image, a zoom feature with a 360-degree is even better. Research has shown that 360-degree product photos boost conversion. And might yours as well.

3. Make it Easy to Search the Products

If it takes too much time for the visitors to search for the product, it’s automatically a turnoff. And there is a higher chance it will not convert. Making it simple and easy does leave a good impression on the visitors. And, might lead to happy customers as well.

Increase ecommerce conversion rate.

Your product page should come up with a search bar including filters, indexing, and autocomplete. And by that, the visitors won’t bounce off.

4. Improve Navigation on your Website

Visitors visiting your eCommerce site want to get the stuff they want with minimal effort. And it’s done by improving navigation on your site.

With its help of it, finding a product will be easy based on several different categories. The more user-friendly site is, the more the chances of converting.

You can also try off-canvas navigation menus for an attractive style.

5. Add Attractive Dual Buttons

Dual buttons are what take the customer a step forward to the purchase. Without it, you can’t even perform the desired action. So, it’s crucial to have buttons on your site. An attractive button that grabs the visitor’s attention is a plus point in making sales.

Need attractive dual buttons? Then, check out the Eight Degree Dual Button. Eight Degree Dual Buttons– this is a WordPress Dual button builder plugin that allows you to create unlimited button variations without any coding.

Increase ecommerce conversion rate.

Dual Button is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to style up your buttons with beautiful CSS3 effects.

6. Write an Engaging Product Description

Create well-written and engaging product descriptions to explain what the product is about and why to go for it. Make sure to provide detailed information about the product, its features, benefits, and much more.

Be selective with your words while explaining your product and lure them to go that extra mile. Also, never include false features, and give them fake assumptions that may backfire.

7. Avoid Difficult Checkout

Your site visitors are going to leave if the path to purchase is too difficult. Yes, your potential customers adding the products to the shopping carts may be a positive sign. But it isn’t enough. You should make sales out of them. After all, the success of your e-commerce business depends on your sales.

The checkout process includes the steps that a site visitor must complete for a successful purchase. Making it simple and easy does play a role in reducing your bounce rates. Plus, you should provide them with various payment options. So, include as much as you can.

8. Add Powerful CTAs

CTA refers to “Call to action.” It’s a button or link when clicked takes some specified action. Now you may be wondering how these buttons help in increasing your conversion rate. Well, it’s much more powerful than you think. Without these buttons, how can you proceed further?

Buy Now, Add to Wishlist, and Sign Up these all are the call to action buttons. And with its help of it, we can move a step forward in the sales path. So, making the best out of these buttons goes a long way in the optimization process.

9. Put Quality Content

Quality content is like a well-maintained home. If it’s well managed from the inside and is neat and clean then everybody loves it. Not only should your site be excellent but also be filled with top-level content.

To increase sales, you first need to make your site visible. And to do so, you should create quality content. Creating great content helps to improve your site’s SEO and there’s a possibility of a massive reach as your content can rank on search engines. And it can drive conversions for your site.

10. Show Honest Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and reviews are essential in building trust with customers. Customer reviews are a form of social proof, and it gives them product ideas about where it stands. The decision of visitors to purchase a product also depends on reviews and testimonials.

Increase ecommerce conversion rate.

By seeing a satisfied customer, we are more likely to buy that product and vice-versa. So, with good testimonials and reviews, there is a better chance of converting. Also, genuine testimonials and reviews help in building better trust with customers.

11. Increase your Website’s Speed

An undeniable fact is that everybody hates waiting. So, the speed of your website either creates or breaks your business. Time is already ticking for the visitors when they are visiting your site. So, if it takes too much load time, then what can be more frustrating than that?

Increase ecommerce conversion rate.

Your site’s conversions are directly related to how your pages load. Make sure to optimize the speed to remove the risk of losing customers.


So, that’s it! In this article, we’ve come up with some of the best tips and tricks for your WordPress website conversion. We hope you liked it!

We discussed how to build a website for high conversion, and it includes much more stuff than it’s covered. We encourage you to experiment with these tips for your eCommerce site. Share your experience on what strategy worked for you and what didn’t.

Also, check our article on the best free eCommerce WordPress themes.

If you have any queries regarding the optimization tips, then leave a comment below.

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