How to Disable Really Simple Syndication Feeds in WordPress?

First of all, Let us know ‘What are Simple Syndication Feeds in WordPress?’ RSS Feed is a tool that maintains a list of notifications on the website in a standard way. It uses several web feed formats to publish content in a structured file. So, ‘Why disable it despite having so many uses?’ Using an RSS Feed is not very much important for Beginners and those who use small websites. It’s obvious that the tools that are not required currently need to be disabled. As it makes the site clean and bounds within the required features.

Why Disable RSS Feed in WordPress?

Despite having lots of advantages and uses, it is not quite important to use it. RSS Feeds are not quite important to WordPress Beginners and those who have small sites. Almost every Beginner finds it hard to use this feed. Instead, it captures space and creates difficulties for the users at the beginning. So, it’s better to  Simply Disable RSS Feed which is not being used and makes it easy.

Many users want to Disable the RSS Feed and get rid of it. So to make it easy up to you. Here, we have taught it through the simplest method possible. There are generally two methods of doing it coding and the use of a plugin. Using coding might be difficult for Beginners. So, here we have Disable RSS Feed by using a WordPress Plugin. It’s a task of a couple of steps and is extremely easy to do it.

Using a Plugin:

  • Firstly, Login to the Dashboard of the Site. Then Click on the button Plugins at the Left bar of the page. To Install a New plugin to the site, Click on the button Add New.



  • Now Search for the Plugin Remove RSS Feed. After getting the plugin, Click on the button Install Now and Activate. If you have any confusion while installing a plugin, go through the tutorial ‘How to Install a New Plugin?



  • Click on the button Settings and then Click on the button Reading to begin the process.



  • The member can view Disable Feed Plugins. There are three options listed. Tick on the button next to Redirect feed requests to corresponding HTML content. Click on the button Save Changes to save all the changes made on the site.



  • Now, the member can view the change on the site. RSS Feed is now disabled from the WordPress site.

Wrapping Up:

Disable RSS Feed and make the WordPress Beginner easier to understand WordPress. Many Beginners and Users don’t even need to use it most of all. To make it easy we can simply Disable this feature. It’s really easy to disable it with a few simple and a couple of steps. Hope the information was useful. Feel free to share. Leave all of your recommendations in the comments section below.

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