WordPress and VPN Service

Modern technologies and innovations have become a major part of people’s life. It’s hard to imagine living without the Internet and the opportunity to get any information anytime you want to.

For years, users have been using various products from well-known social companies, but rapidly developing technologies have forced these companies to share every bit of user information they can use for commercial purposes. And while the government tries to control the situation, it is they who are to blame for the same problems that corporations face: the invasion of privacy and illegal collection of private data.

Egyptian president Abdul Fattah Al Sisi has signed a new law tightening control over the Internet which makes VPN use in Egypt essential. According to the new cyber law, any sites that are considered a threat to national security or the economy may be blocked. Anyone found visiting such websites may get fined or imprisoned. The authorities claim such measures are necessary to combat instability in the country and fight against terrorism, but human rights organizations have accused the government of trying to limit any political differences.

Why WordPress Users Need VPN

VPN services are really widespread nowadays since privacy policy is essential for a great number of users. Companies are trying to collect more data about their users, and countries are trying to manage the situation. What is a VPN? It is a service allowing you to surf the web safely. How does it work? It works as a connection between the user and the sites visited and encrypts all data outgoing from the computer before it reaches a Wi-Fi network or the website.

So why do WordPress users need VPN?

● Almost any user can log into the Wi-FI network in a public place and monitor their activity. If you enter the admin field of your WP website, your login credentials can be stolen.

● VPN will protect your data even if the site is accessible only via HTTP. This means you can safely log into any WordPress website even connecting to a public Wi-Fi network.

● By Choosing VPN supporting the assigned IP, you become able to create a white list of IP addresses. In this case, only these IP addresses will have access to significant fields of your WordPress site.

VPN Services For WordPress Users

1. ExpressVPN
A popular VPN service with high download speed and user-friendly application.
● More than 2000 VPN servers in 94 countries of the world;
● privacy policy and safety;
● Killswitch feature to stop traffic if your VPN is inactive;
● protection from DNS/IPv6 leak;
● zero logs policy,
● AES 256-bit encryption;
● OpenVPN support.

ExpressVPN lets you easily connect to the service regardless of what device you are using which makes it one of the best services for WP users. There are applications available for Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS, and Linux.

2. Private Internet Access
Inexpensive VPN service, one of the most widespread VPN services among WordPress users. Ease of use makes it so popular with people from all around the globe. Private Internet Access has applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.
● More than 3000+ servers in 33 countries of the world;
● privacy policy and protection;
● Killswitch feature;
● protection from DNS leak;
● no logs;
● AES 256-bit encryption.
You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

3. NordVPN
Great VPN service for WordPress users offering a set of easy-to-use applications. It operates from
Panama and is easy to use.
● Supports PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN;
● 5000+ servers in 62 countries of the world;
● privacy policy and safety;
● Killswitch feature;
● protection from DNS leak;
● zero logs;
● AES 256-bit encryption;

● Double VPN.
Installing NordVPN, you can use one subscription on 6 devices simultaneously. NordVPN
has apps for Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux. For other details about this service, you can refer to this NordVPN review.

Privacy Policy For WordPress Users

VPN services are a catch for those who are willing to remain anonymous when surfing the web. This is a very significant point since data leaks are one of the most serious problems nowadays and the services make it possible for users to protect themselves from third parties.

What aspects should you take into account when choosing a VPN?
● Easy to connect. A user-friendly application for easy connection and server selection.
● Privacy policy. Lots of users choose a VPN because of this feature. If privacy is significant to you, pay attention to such options as no logging and protection against DNS leaks.
● Assigned IP. It’s convenient for the online privacy of WordPress users.
● Price. There is a wide range of prices. It’s beneficial to pay several years in advance to save money.
● Safety. Availability of such features as killswitch (emergency disconnection if the connection is not encrypted), and AES 256-bit encryption.

What is so special about VPN? Why do WordPress users need this service?

● To increase network security. The user installing the service gets a secure connection. All the data is transmitted over the network in an encrypted form, and therefore the data becomes inaccessible to third parties.

● It becomes possible for you to access websites blocked in your region. You can easily bypass any blocks using a VPN service that transfers data in encrypted form making it impossible for others to see what you’re doing online.

● Privacy policy. Installing the service, it becomes impossible for anyone to find out your real IP and monitor your activity. In such a way, you can remain completely anonymous on the web.

● Access websites it is prohibited to visit in some regions. This usually refers to online broadcasts, since online networks often prohibit watching videos on certain territories. All this is easy to bypass since private networks let you connect to servers in the countries where broadcasting is allowed. In such a case, there won’t be any problems with watching your favorite shows and series.

VPN is an excellent option for those who want to feel safe and protected when surfing the web.

Significance Of Privacy In Nowadays World

Digital technologies challenge traditional media: new communication forms, new languages, and new grammar. Enterprises, fan clubs, professional communities, and ordinary people have become independent media, sources, and public critics of traditional media.

Why is an organization through a VPN network over the web necessary nowadays? There are lots of diverse reasons for that. For example, it may be significant when playing online games bypassing gaming servers. You can also create a closed network to transmit valuable information, as well as you can create a secure connection exclusively for company employees where they will get access to important data. Also, local networks are created for the virtual network of separate offices.

Corporate networks often create a private virtual network. To do this, they establish a VPN server on the web. Users can remotely access the enterprise network using VPN connections. At home, users rarely create their VPN service; they most likely install it on one or another website. It is much more convenient, as well as easier. Sometimes, however, there may be some difficulties with the self-configuration of all VPN elements. For example, it’s often required to redirect a router. It’s really hard to do for some users; they often need to make much effort for that.

We already live in a digital world. Spending time on social networks, using e-banking, shopping online, and so on can be expensive. Due to carelessness or inadequate security, each user is vulnerable to information leakage: bank accounts, passport data, and private information. All of these can be used for personal purposes. Hidden viruses, filling in data into a fake system, hackers applications, and monitoring actions on the Web are just some of the ways to get to your data.

In addition, the fact of fraud is quite difficult or even impossible to prove. Due to the novelty of such crimes, the practice of dealing with them has not yet been developed. Cybercriminals are already working on a serious level. What should you do to secure yourself when surfing the web? It is suggested to use an easy-to-understand and effective protection system. Protection servers are available to everyone nowadays, and it’s also not required to have some special knowledge to install one or another program.

Using different devices, the proxy connection is no longer considered safe, since your smartphone, laptop or tab may be connected to online stores, applications, social networks, and other services without you knowing or notifying that. That is why only a proven, reliable VPN service can ensure a secure Internet connection.

A reliable service masks and replaces your IP with the IP of the VPN server installed, thus creating a protective security barrier between you and the Internet as a whole. The high level of security guaranteed by a trustworthy VPN service is ensured by the protocols used and the efficiency of the encryption methods.

It’s worth keeping in mind a reliable VPN service protects you against cybercriminals and hackers, but you should anyways be careful when surfing the web: don’t share your data with unknown users, as well as try not to connect to public networks if you don’t have VPN installed.

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