Top WordPress Digital Marketing Plugins of 2024

Websites are the image builder for your business. Thus, it is vital to develop a responsive yet attractive website. But which is the best platform for creating and managing websites?

According to a recent survey, WordPress is the top content management system (CMS) that allows users to build engaging websites effortlessly.

However, for building professional-grade sites, WordPress plugins play a significant role. It allows you to add more functions and also provides tools to customize your website that suit the theme.

Whether you are a website developer or a leading SEO agency that wants to install plugins, it is essential to have knowledge about it. Here is the article to put more light on WordPress plugins.

Keep reading to find out what plugins are and how to use them to improve your website.

List of the Best WordPress Plugins For Digital Marketing

  1. Akismet – Anti-Spam Plugin

Akismet – Anti-Spam Plugin

To increase interaction on your website, you want people to comment on your WordPress site blogs or articles. Maximum comments and likes on your sites indicate that users are finding your content interesting. However, you have to be aware of spammers that can post negative comments to affect the authority of your site.

With Akismet, the anti-spam WordPress plugin, you can avoid spammy comments on your site blogs. It examines all the comments on your website to identify spam. With this plugin, you can easily keep track of spammy comments and can filter them out to avoid displaying them on your website.

  1. OptinMonster – Lead Generation and Popup Plugin

OptinMonster – Lead Generation and Popup Plugin

Do you want to transform your website visitors into customers? Then it is essential to know about their interest and needs. That’s possible when you have emails from those visitors. Here getting an email from visitors becomes easy when you install the OptinMonster WordPress plugin. It comes with an easy form builder to help you create opportunities for visitors.

This plugin includes pop-ups, slide-ins, sidebar forms, and different templates for lead generation forms on your WordPress websites. Along with pop-up creation, it also allows integration with several email marketing providers such as HubSpot, AWeber, Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, etc. Overall, we can say that OptinMonster is a well-rounded plugin to increase marketing efforts.

  1. Jetpack – Site Secure Plugin

Jetpack – Site Secure Plugin

When you want to protect your WordPress business website, the Jetpack plugin is what you should install. It provides site protection from brute-force attacks, and spam filtering via Akismet. Also, it enables you to manage your site from anywhere. All the vital aspects of digital marketing like site security, ease of management, and performance boost are covered in this plugin.

Jetpack with VaultPress allows backing up your site in real time while resolving threats. Enhance the performance of your site while reducing downtime at peak hours. That means the load time of your site decreases while increasing user experience. Along with site security, this plugin also provides advanced analytics.

  1. Asset Cleanup – Page Speed Booster Plugin 

Asset Cleanup – Page Speed Booster Plugin 

Speed is everything when you are talking about websites. Low-loading sites don’t get many leads. To boost your site speed, installing the Asset Cleanup plugin is the best solution. It helps you clean all the resources from your website. Consequently, the speed of your website increases. This plugin is also capable of scanning each page of your site while identifying repetitive code segments.

Optimizing the .JS and .CSS files can decrease the HTTP requests that your WordPress website requires to load on a particular browser. If you have sites with shorter loading times, then the chances of getting it rank on search engine result pages (SERPs) increases. All in all, Asset Cleanup is a handy plugin to consider while implementing digital marketing strategies.

  1. WPForms – Form Builder Plugin

WPForms – Form Builder Plugin

Nothing is better than to have a conversion-optimized form on your website. That’s because it helps you generate maximum leads. Installing the WPForms plugin for your sites can help you create these lead-generating forms. It is an advanced form builder plugin. Along with developing forms, it also offers custom captcha, spam protection, inclusion, and much more.

Additionally, the WPForms plugin can also be integrated with PayPal and Stripe. Thus, it is beneficial for you in creating payment collection forms. There are more functions with the advanced version of the plugin, i.e., WPForms Pro. The masterminds behind OptinMonster create this plugin.

  1. Rank Math – SEO Plugin

Rank Math – SEO Plugin

An SEO agency preferred Rank Math as it makes it easy to optimize the website content with built-in suggestions. It is a search engine optimization plugin for WordPress sites. From easily customized SEO settings to identify how the site will appear in search with structured data, all are covered in this plugin.

Rank Math is the smart plugin that can support the SEO team in dividing their responsibilities while allowing them to focus on business growth. It includes all the aspects of SEO strategy like internal linking recommendations, schema markup, and much more. Additionally, it covers content analysis and a module-based system for making site content appear more relevant to visitors.

  1. Inline Related Posts – Increasing Page Views Plugin

Inline Related Posts – Increasing Page Views Plugin

In digital marketing, one of the primary goals is to keep visitors on the website for a longer time. It is because a longer duration gives many benefits like an increase in conversion rates. That means the chances of visitors converting into customers gain. With Inline Related Posts, a WordPress plugin, you can achieve this.

This plugin provides a customizable related posts box on your WordPress site. It is the best plugin to consider, as it does not destroy the text content on your website. Also, it has twenty styles which allow you to create a post-box blend that suits your website. Till now, this plugin has had sixty thousand installs. Many big brands like Amazon, NY Times, etc., uses this plugin to boost session duration.

  1. NextScripts – Unique API/Automation Plugin

NextScripts – Unique API/Automation Plugin

NextScripts is a WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to automatically post your messages, links, images, blog, and articles on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Also, you can repost previously published content through this plugin. Installing it help you customize your site for various platform.

WordPress sites have organic content but low social media engagement. However, with this smart plugin, you can achieve this too. Being an SEO agency or developer, allows you to have full control over all aspects of posting content. Apart from this, you can also develop captions or run the process on autopilot.

 Final Words

You must have heard, “The more you learn, the more you earn.” Same this, if you have full knowledge about how to improve WordPress websites for generating leads, then automatically your annual revenue increases. Discover all of the above-mentioned top WordPress digital marketing plugins as they will not only help you create an engaging site but also convert visitors into customers.

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